What are the regular maintainance of car?

Regular maintenance items mainly include oil and oil filter element, air filter element, gasoline filter element and pollen filter element, spark plug maintenance / replacement, transmission oil related system inspection items and maintenance.   1, The replacement of the oil and oil filter is mainly for the maintenance of the lubricating system. The main function

How to avoid carbon deposit damage engine?

Engine needs oil to run regularly, however, carbon deposit would hinder the best driving experience, then, how to prevent carbon deposit from damaging engine? When filling worse quality gasoline, deposit carbon accumulates on engine valve very quickly. Because carbon deposit structure is very similar to sponge, so gasoline inject into cylinder will be absorbed partly

How to prevent carbon deposit on engine?

In the car repair for the diagnosis of carbon deposition has always been a problem, if the owners themselves to distinguish whether there is carbon deposition is even harder, and its out of the problem and then repair as preventive measures, with routine maintenance means to maintain The normal use of the vehicle performance. Here