10 little-known car fun facts

1. Smart cars, as we all know smart is a word. But in fact the name Smart is made up of Swatch (Swatch – selling watches) and Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes – selling cars), and the word “Art” Art. Because this car was designed by Swatch’s founder Nicholas Hayek.

2. The Mitsubishi Group has supplied engines to almost all of Self-owned Brand in China, and it is a source of development momentum for Self-owned brands.

3. After World War II, BMW was split into two, West Germany was called BMW, but it was not qualified to produce cars; East Germany called EMW and was qualified to produce cars. Until 1952 BMW in Munich was qualified to produce cars.

4. In 2013, with the listing of Arrizo 7, Chery’s boss Yoon stated that Chery finally make a car! But we can’t help but think about what Chery made before. Of course, this is just a joke. The progress of self-owned brands is obvious to see.

5. The seat belt was invented by the Swedish car company Volvo, but in 1980 the world’s first production vehicle equipped with airbags was officially rolled out at the Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz) factory in Sindelfingen. But, the seat belt insert (buckle) was invented by the Chinese.

6. The Towson differential, the core component of the previous Audi quattro four-wheel drive system, was invented by the Americans but is currently produced by the Japanese.

7. Hitler once draw a sketch of 11 “national cars”. One of them is the prototype of the popular Beetle.

8. Each car has a wiring length of nearly 1 km.

9. It is not only ‎luxury Cars that have central controlled quartz clocks, but also Wuling Hongguang have.
Saab had built a car without a steering wheel. Turning the joystick was like piloting a plane.

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