A new generation of carbon removal engine

Kingkar hydrogen and carbon carburetor by electrolysis extraction of hydrogen atoms in water to form a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, and through the engine intake manifold into the engine combustion chamber, to be filled with the engine gas combustion chamber, the ignition ignition, the use of hydrogen and oxygen Principle (in the high temperature combustion process can produce O, H and OH and other active atoms, on the one hand can promote gasoline in the long-chain hydrocarbon pyrolysis, the oxidation reaction speed), oxygen combustion principle (gasoline in the wax And glial and other impurities is also composed of long hydrocarbon chain or long hydrocarbon chain, O, H and OH and other active atoms can accelerate its cracking, the final removal of carbon deposition), water and hydrogen cycle principles such as Brown gas characteristics of the Engine carbon deposition for a comprehensive, thorough removal, recovery of vehicle power, and will not cause any damage to the engine, to avoid the traditional chemical carbon removal of the lack of car maintenance field is a qualitative fly over.

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