A tire is like a limb for a car

If there is a problem, directly affect the situation of the automobile, seriously threaten people’s personal safety.

Especially when we are driving on a complicated road, it is very easy to let the tires of the car suffer from “abuse”, which can be affected by many difficulties in cleaning my dirt and the life of the tyres.

For example, stones, paints, mud, nails, etc., if you don’t clean it up, it’s very easy to damage your tires.

So what happens to these situations?

Today I will give you a talk!


  1. The tyre is stained with asphalt

If you happen to be on the road when you’re driving, if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to get wet.

A lot of people think that the asphalt, the car that drives a few days, will fall.

It’s a very wrong idea.

Because of the asphalt on the tires, it makes the car easy to skid, especially on rainy days or winter, which is very dangerous.

Of course, it’s not just that you can just knock it off with a gadget.

The right thing to do is to buy a few bottles of tar and spray onto the bituminous tires to bring the pitch down.

And the tar is not very good for rubber corrosion with the washing water gun, it won’t damage the tire.

  1. The tyre is covered with cement

In addition to asphalt, road sections will also have wet cement.

If the worker doesn’t have a warning sign or if you don’t evaluate it, it will stick to a flat tire.

Although the tire can be resistant to acid and alkali, the cement can not have any influence in a short time.

But what if the tires are glued to a lot of cement?

In general, you can use a knife or a screwdriver to pry it down.

Remember to use the knock, do not scrape or cut the way, prevent the second injury to the tyre.

  1. The stone in the tire seam

If the rural road surface, the tire is likely to stick some small stones to the tire seam.

Most drivers’ friends choose to use the key to pick it off.

But if it is a sharp little stone, it is better to rush it down with a water gun, so as not to puncture the tyre in the process of digging, thus causing the occurrence of dangerous accidents such as puncture.

  1. The tire is stuck in the nail

This does not need to be dealt with by oneself, drive to repair shop put gas to take out, must not oneself blind action!

After the nails were removed, the tires were flat.

Of course, in peacetime car wash and maintenance, must pay attention to the choice that protects product.

Prevent the injury of tire!

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