After the rain, it is necessary to maintain the car in time and it will not be serious.

The days of heavy rain are a big test for cars, and it is also the easiest time for car crashes. Many car owners neglected the maintenance of the car after the rain, and they did not know that the maintenance of the car was not very harmful in time. Moist air and rain can easily invade the interior of the car, so no matter whether the vehicleis abnormal after the rain. Maintenance after the rain is important, but how do you do it?

1, timely cleaning the car

Acidic components in rainwater are corrosive to the varnish of vehicles, and sometimes sticky substances such as tar are stuck. If they are not cleaned in time, they will not only be difficult to remove after drying, but will also lose their luster. In addition, the damage of rain to the vehicle not only stays in the paint, but also some rain will flow into the gaps along the body, along with some dirt. In the long run, it may cause the body collar not only to rust, but also to the entire vehicle. Cause damage, so, after the rain stopped, the car should be cleaned. Therefore, the owner can not be lazy after the rain, the vehicle should be sent to a regular car beauty shop as soon as possible to clean, especially pay attention to the bottom of the door clearance, sludge in the hub and other debris washed clean, and keep these voids dry .

2, check the vehicle circuit after the rain

When some cars arrive on a rainy day, the engine is not easy to start. Even if it is barely started, it always feels that the engine is “gasless”. This is because the car’s circuit or ignition system is damp. After a car wading, if it is difficult to start the vehicle and other issues, we must consider whether it is caused by the line or the engine is wet. If you cannot start the car three times in a row, call the car rescue phone immediately instead of repeatedly starting it. Car so as not to damage the engine.

3, check the brake system

Rainy days, cars wading, wading deeper than the vehicle brake oil drain, pay attention to check the brake system, it may cause brake failure or even failure. Therefore, the owner’s friend should check the brake system in time after the rain stopped. The owner can verify if there are problems with the brake system in three situations: the brakes must be stepped deeply, the brakes are heard, the brake distance is longer than before, and one of these three conditions occurs. The vehicle must be repaired. Factory inspection. At the same time, after the rain, the stones and gravel on the tires must be removed in a timely manner. As we all know, the tread pattern of the tires is also drained. These things adhere to the tires and cause insufficient drainage of the tires.

  1. Inspection of automobile engines

The engine is the “heart” of the car and is the most important and the most problematic. The air filter of the engine is an important part of the entire car. After wading in the car on rainy days, the air filter can easily enter the water. Especially when passing through the water, once entering the water, the engine may be damaged.

5, after the rain in the car in addition to tide

In the rainy days, the door and window can not be tight enough to cause dampness in the car. Especially for some vehicles equipped with sunroofs, they must close the skylights in time and the air is damp. Everyone must pay attention to the interior of the car to prevent bacteria and affect the owners and vehicles. The health of passengers inside. Especially car seats, textile carpets, air outlets and other health corners. The owner can do the dehumidification by himself. Just turn on the air-conditioner blower to remove the damp, and the inside of the vehicle can be properly disinfected. The interior maintenance can not only create a clean and comfortable interior environment for us, but more importantly, it can make Car owners and passengers enjoy a safer and healthier experience in the car, protecting them from harmful bacteria in the car. In addition, after the rainy weather, the owner is advised to conduct an interior clean-up. The price is not high enough to complete a complete cleaning of the vehicle.

6, headlights have become a hidden danger

On rainy days, the headlights of the car are prone to flooding, the brightness is affected, the direction of illumination of the headlights changes, and the headlights may also be damaged, causing potential safety hazards. If the headlights have water mist, you can turn on the headlights. After 10 minutes, if the water mist in the headlights starts to disappear, can it completely disappear after one hour; if there is still water fog, it will be repaired at the factory store for processing.

7, chassis inspection

After experiencing the “baptism” of rain, the chassis of the car should be cleaned in time. Sludge accumulates on the wheel cavity side and chassis side of the vehicle, and long-term sludge accumulation can easily trap moisture inside the chassis, causing the car to rust, and even the possibility of loosening and perforation at the wheel cavity can easily lead to safety. ACCIDENT. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the time to check after the rain. Chassis sealing can be performed after the inspection. Chassis sealing can isolate the chassis from the air and achieve anti-

corrosion, anti-rust and sound insulation functions, which can effectively reduce chassis damage.

8, wiper and wiper

If the wiper does not wipe off the rain well, it will bring great danger to traffic safety. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of it should be more careful and in place. Aging or damaged wiper strips will significantly reduce the effect of the wiper, and will not be able to timely clean the rain on the front windshield glass, driving in a rainy field of vision, the safety factor is naturally greatly reduced. How many owners think that they can use the tap water as wiper water? In fact, this is also a misunderstanding of the use of cars: tap water can not completely clean the car glass; detergent can play a clean role, but it will corrode the wiper strip, Accelerate its aging hardening. We still recommend that owners add a special wiper to the car in time after the rain to maintain the cleanliness and water repellency of the front windshield.

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