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Tips for Cleaning a Catalytic Converter

Keeping a catalytic converter clean is an important way to keep your car running smoothly. If dirt and debris builds up, it will only mean that your car is pumping more harmful gases into the surrounding environment. There are many simple tips to cleaning a catalytic converter. Tap and Wipe A tap and wipe technique will allow

Do you know how to avoid clogged catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a part that controls the emission via the car’s exhaust. It activates the gas that the motor vehicle emits as well as making it less harmful to the surrounding when released. A clogged catalytic converter can result in bad gas mileage and reduce the engine’s performance levels in your truck. Also, a

How many carbon can be cleaned by engine carbon clean service?

Some customers may ask the question”how many carbon can be cleaned after my car did a carbon clean service.” To be very honesty,this question is hard to answer exact.Because every important effects may cause different results.Like the driving experience,different car condition,different road condtruction and so on. In a ward,carbon clean service is a maintainence service