Car Care Doing this will keep your car looking new

Easy to buy a car to keep the car difficult, car maintenance is usually a big sum of money, many car owners have to do one thing. Even if the usual “reluctant” to drive, do not start long-term, not only will not reduce the cost of maintenance will increase. Therefore, you want your car to travel unimpeded, or have to do regular car maintenance. Make a clear maintenance schedule and keep it as planned to make your car look as healthy as new.

“Daily Care Information”

Signal device check

Open the ignition switch key (do not start the engine), check the warning lights and indicator lights, start the engine to see each alarm light is normally off, the light is still lit.


Fuel check

Check the instructions on the fuel gauge to replenish the fuel.

“Weekly maintenance”

Visual inspection

Before driving, look around the car to see if there is any damage to the lighting system, whether the car body is tilted, whether there is any oil leakage, leakage or other leaks. Check the appearance of the tire. Check the condition of the door, engine compartment cover, luggage compartment cover and glass.


Tire pressure

Check and adjust the tire pressure, clean up debris on the tire, do not forget to check the spare tire.

Engine and all kinds of oil

Check the fixed parts of the engine to see whether there is any oil leakage on the engine surface, water leakage; check and adjust the tightness of the belt; check the various parts of the pipeline and wire fixed situation; check to replenish the oil; check the additional coolant; check the supplement Electrolyte; Check for power steering oil; Clean the radiator appearance; Add windshield washer fluid.



Clean the interior of the car and clean the car’s exterior.

“Monthly Maintenance Contents”External inspection

Inspect the car, check the bulb and lampshade damage; check the car body accessories fixed; check the mirror situation.



Check tire wear; clean luggage compartment; close to the tire wear marks should be replaced tires, check the tire has no bulging, abnormal wear and tear, aging cracks and flawed and so on.

Clean and waxed

Thoroughly clean the interior of the car; clean the exterior of the water tank, the exterior of the oil radiator, and the debris on the exterior of the air conditioner radiator.



Check the chassis there is no oil spill phenomenon, if any, should check the gear assembly of the oil and make the appropriate replenishment of the chassis all the nozzle full refueling operations.



Carefully repeat the weekly maintenance content.

“Every six months maintenance content”

Engine exterior

Clean the engine surface, pay attention to the electrical part of the waterproof treatment. If the electrical part of the water on the higher requirements, should avoid using high pressure, high temperature water gun to rinse the engine, you can use a brush to clean the engine cleaning detergent appearance.

Oil filter

Use compressed air to blow the air filter dust; timely replacement of the fuel filter and clean the pipe connector filter; replacement of oil and oil filter For domestic cars should also clean the oil strainer, fuel pre-filter and centrifugal Fine filter.



Check the battery terminal part of the phenomenon of corrosion, rinse the battery with hot water appearance, remove the battery terminal corrosion. Measurement adjust the battery electrolyte proportion.


Check for additional coolant and clean tank surface.


Tire wheel

Check the tire wear and tear, the implementation of the tire transposition. Check the hub, bearing preload situation, if the gap should be adjusted preload.

Braking System

Check and adjust the working stroke of the hand brake lever; check and adjust the clearance of the shoe of the drum handbrake; check the free stroke of the brake pedal of the adjusting foot; check the wear of the brake of the wheel brake; replace the brake shoe if the wear mark is reached; Adjust the wheel brake shoe clearance; check for additional brake fluid and more.



Inspect the tightness of the important bolts or helix of the chassis, especially the important bolts and helixes of the steering system. If there is any looseness or defect, they should be tightened and tightened.


Check the chassis of the various parts of the pipeline to see if there is any leak, check all the metal fastening rod, and check the rubber sleeve has not damaged the chassis of all lubrication points greasing lubrication.



Check and repair car lights, check and maintain refrigeration, heating devices, cleaning sound system.

“Annual Maintenance Contents”

Clean and lubricated

Clean the oil from the hinged mechanism on the bonnet, the door and the luggage compartment, and readjust and lubricate the mechanism.


Ignition timing

Check and adjust the ignition timing of the car engine, the diesel fuel supply timing of the inspection and adjustment of the best to the repair shop.


Valve clearance

On the valve with a common valve, check the high-speed valve clearance.

“Every two years of maintenance”


Antifreeze general service life of two years, then should be replaced in the annual maintenance of antifreeze, and the cooling system for thorough cleaning.


Braking System

Brake fluid is changed every two years due to hygroscopicity of the brake system.

Maintenance by reference to the time period Do not be too diligent

Each car owner will get a maintenance cycle when the car was told when to do what kind of maintenance, but most of the owners open, as long as the feeling of good, no problem, it gradually put in Backwards

Another part of the owner is out of the past driving experience, to shorten the maintenance mileage, such as the provisions of the 8000 km to maintain their own 6000 km when the car opened to the 4S shop; or did not come to the maintenance time 4S shop maintenance, the result is more Spend money.

In fact, vehicle maintenance is not the better the number of times, the manufacturer’s mileage is based on the full understanding of the body performance, and then set the best time.


Long warranty does not mean that the use of lower costs

Many car owners think auto manufacturers will extend the warranty period and the cost of their car will be greatly reduced. However, in fact, the warranty is like insurance. Only when the car has a problem can you get the benefits that this policy brings. , Powertrain maintenance costs are very expensive, usually, a car’s powertrain system to account for 35% of the cost of vehicles -40%. Therefore, once the powertrain system needs to be replaced, it will be a huge expense to the consumer. Extended warranty will undoubtedly avoid the consumer’s own risk of such a huge overhead.

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