Car maintenance basic tips

First, the car smell inspection.


In your driving, if you find the car smell, should immediately stop inspection, if it is rub gum taste, you should check the engine’s drive belt and car wires, the general situation can be seen from the surface. If it is petrol smell, should check, fuel tank, tubing leakage, found immediately after the exclusion.


Second, lithium battery electrolyte level check


Keep electrolysis in use. If the electrolyte tuck is too high, when working under heavy load will cause the electrolyte to boil and spill, electrolyte level is too low will shorten the life of lithium batteries. Lithium battery case has a liquid level mark on the surface, the liquid level should be maintained between the maximum and the minimum scale line or in the lithium battery compartment above the 5MM, when found electrolyte is insufficient, only with distilled water or special battery replenishment supplement .


Third, keep the radiator and water jacket clean


Maintaining the exterior and interior of the radiator clean is an important condition for improving thermal performance. Radiator contaminated dirt, oil, all affect the flow of air, the coolant temperature is too high, should be promptly cleaned. Cooling system within the product of scale, dirt or oil, it will affect the coolant heat transfer. The more mineral content of the cooling system, the deposition of more scale; and scale heat transfer capacity of only a few one-tenth of the metal. Therefore, usually should be filled with clean soft mineral water less.


Fourth, the generator can not start


If the generator can not rotate or rotate too slowly.


1. Check the lithium battery terminals are firmly connected, the terminal is clean.


2. Check the lithium battery terminal is good, open the room light or open double flash.


3. Generator work, if the battery light dim or extinguished, indicating that the lithium battery power loss. If the battery lamp is not a problem, and the car still can not start, you need to adjust or repair the car.


If the generator can start at normal speed, but can not enter the normal working condition


1. Check that all inserts are secure (eg plug, ignition coil, distributor, etc.)


2. If all inserts are OK, the cause may be excessive spark plug oiling due to repeated starts.


Spark plug was immersed in the engine starting.


1. If this happens, please depress the accelerator pedal at the same time, the car key on the “start” position, and maintain this state for 5 seconds, back to the original position, and then try the car does not step on the accelerator pedal Start the engine.


2. If the car can not start the engine within 5 seconds, please start the engine after a few minutes. Repeated several times, still can not start, then need to find a professional to repair the engine.


Fifth, the generator overheated


If the generator coolant temperature gauge shows the generator overheating, deal with the following procedures for the car.


1. Place the car in a safe place and turn on the hazard warning light.


2. Open the machine cover with coolant or its vapor from the radiator or not. If there is no coolant or steam spout, keep the generator running properly with the cooling fan operating properly.


3. Directly observe the engine’s water pump belt is damaged or loose, to see whether the coolant from the radiator, the cooling system to leak out. If you find the above, you should ask maintenance personnel overhaul.


Sixth, lack of air conditioning or cooling


1. Check the condenser heat sink is clogged, if there are dirt or debris on the heat sink will directly affect the heat sink cooling effect, the application of water to clean or find a repair staff.


2. Open the air conditioner, observe the engine before the heat sink fan is turned, if not turn to check the connector is loose, the fuse is burned out, found after exclusion.


Tongren ride Southeast teach you drive power tips


1, familiar with traffic laws and regulations, select the nearest distance between two points of driving directions.


2, try to avoid the rush hour on the road.


3, Turn off the generator when loading or unloading goods or parking.


4, appropriate choice of driving gear, to avoid sudden acceleration.


5, rapid start injury also costs electric energy, should start slowly.


6, check the tire pressure before driving is normal.

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