Car maintenance tips!

Car paint maintenance

Car paint maintenance knowledge is actually very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, but the surface has small concave and holes, the new car is recommended to do a glaze or coating process. Under normal circumstances, the coating longer than the sealing glaze, sealing glaze effect in about 3 months to six months, coating more than six months, it is recommended that after a certain period of time also need to seal the second glaze or coating. The regular items in the car wash shop are polishing and waxing. However, these two should be done under the precondition of coating or enamelling. Because waxing or polishing is always done, the thickness of the enamel paint is consumed and the paint is gradually thinned, tarnished and small scratches appear.


Car paint daily maintenance needs a lot of attention. First, avoid wiping the paint directly with a duster or a dry cloth. After rinsing the dirt and dust on the surface of the car with water, wipe it clean with a clean cloth and avoid drying it by yourself. Second, parking should be considered to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint. Third, reduce the number of car wash, try not to do the car waxing and polishing. Fourth, pay attention to timely removal of corrosive things such as guano. Fifth, pay attention to reduce the driving to more corrosive areas, such as the beach, spreading snowmelt pavement, asphalt paved roads and so on. Sixth, after running high speed in summer, the bodies of insects hit in front of the vehicle should be promptly cleaned. If they are not cleaned in a timely manner, the paint on the vehicle will be corroded in a very short period of time.

Car features maintenance

First, the engine oil inspection

Park the vehicle on a level road. Pull out the travel ruler to check the amount of oil, if the light is (F) and (L) within the two markers, it belongs to the normal range, if less than (L) bit. You should add the specified type of oil, refueling after the liquid level can not be higher than (F) bit.

Second, the engine coolant level inspection

Do not open the radiator cover while the engine is in the warm state, otherwise it may be scalded with coolant or high-temperature steam. After the engine is cooled down, check the liquid level of the coolant should be between the full position and the low position. Otherwise, distilled water or pure water (can not add mineral water) or frozen liquid should be added. The height of the liquid after adding water can not exceed the full position. If you find a short period of time to reduce the cooling fluid quickly, you should check the cooling system for leaks or to the repair station to check.

Third, check the brake fluid level

Braking is also high, between the low indicates normal. If the brake fluid close to the lower limit or lower than the lower limit indicates that there may be leakage in the system or excessive brake shoe wear and tear, should promptly to the maintenance station for overhaul. Additional brake fluid, pay attention to add the same type of brake fluid to prevent damage to the cup, pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrosion paint.

Five, battery maintenance inspection

Check the battery is fixed firmly, the electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits, near the bottom line should be promptly added electrolyte or distilled water to the high line. Keep the battery positive and negative cable in good contact, and keep the battery clean and dry. Long-term placement of vehicles to be taken off the battery positive and negative cables, separated by about two months or so start re-wiring the engine about 20 minutes later, if the battery is obviously insufficient to charge in time.

Sixth, the tire inspection

Monthly should check the tire pressure at room temperature, if below normal standards should be timely replenishment of tire pressure. Pressure can not be too high or too low, or affect the safety of driving. Check the tire cracking situation, there is a security risk should be promptly replaced tires. Selection of tires, should make the same model.

Seven, the belt check

Start the engine or usually driving the vehicle, the belt ring, a case of long-term belt is not checked and adjusted to normal standards can be adjusted. Another is the aging belt, need to be replaced.

Eight, check the air filter

If the air filter is too dirty, it will cause the engine to work badly, the fuel consumption is too large, and the engine is damaged. Check the air filter for less dust and clogging. Use high-pressure air to blow it from the inside to the outside and continue to use it. Too dirty air filter should be promptly replaced.

Nine, spark plug inspection

Normal spark plug insulation ceramic intact. No rupture leakage phenomenon, spark plug gap 0.8 + -0.0mm discharge, the spark was blue, strong. If you find abnormalities need to adjust the gap or replace the spark plug.

Ten, check the fuel filter

If you find that poor fuel supply should check whether the fuel filter is blocked, such as foreign objects blocked should be promptly replaced.

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