Cars must also be well-maintained during idle periods

Prevent metal from rusting

Corrosion is mainly caused by the combined action of moisture, oxygen, and corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, for long-term parked cars, the metal surface should be kept clean.

Parking garages should always be ventilated to keep the relative humidity of the air below 70. Remove dust, dirt, and moisture from the car in a timely manner. The rust-prone parts and the surfaces of the parts should be coated with oil, grease or wrap. The pores in each assembly should be sealed to prevent air, moisture and dust from entering the interior.

Prevent aging of rubber products

Rubber products on automobiles, such as tires, transmission belts, and dust covers, often undergo aging, swelling, or deformation, resulting in deteriorated performance and shorter service life.

The aging of rubber products is mainly due to the fact that rubber is an unsaturated polymer hydrocarbon that easily absorbs oxygen from the air and oxidizes. At the same time, vulcanized rubber has certain air permeability, and oxygen easily enters the interior to cause oxidation. Especially direct sunlight can promote rapid aging of rubber.

After rubber products are contaminated with gasoline and engine oil, they will cause volume expansion, loosening gums, and reduced elasticity. In order to prevent the aging of rubber products, direct sunlight and mineral oil contact should be avoided.

Prevents mildew in cotton and linen products

Cushions and rugs are easy to absorb moisture. Especially in wet areas and rainy seasons, it is more susceptible to mildew. Therefore, the owner should always check the cotton and linen products on the vehicle, timely dry it, and keep it dry.

Prevents the detonation resistance of gasoline from decreasing

The antiknock performance of gasoline depends on the octane number of gasoline. When the car is parked for a long period of time, the octane number of gasoline will decrease with the loss of light components and the increase of the colloidal content, thereby reducing its antiknock property.

Therefore, the gasoline tank must be tightly sealed and the temperature must not be too high. Gasoline storage time is best not to be too long.

Check the working condition of the transmitter

Start the engine at least once a month, idling for 4-5 minutes, and check the operation of the engine. If there is any abnormality, it needs to be adjusted and maintained in time.

In addition, always check the battery. The electrolyte level of the battery must be 10-15mm higher than the plate. When it is insufficient, distilled water should be added in time. The battery should be kept fully charged and the battery should be charged when necessary.

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