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Why Chinese New Year so long???

Each country have many different festival in a whole year, and each country have new year holiday , but many people will ask why chinese new year so long?   Firstly it is no doubt that Chines New Year holiday have a long history and it is to celebrate the coming of New year ,

How dose HHO carbon cleaner work?

In the past, the removal of carbon deposits from engine components formed part of a vehicle maintenance schedule and required time-consuming procedures or expensive equipment and chemicals. HHO technology changes this. In our carbon clean systems an electric current is used to split water by electrolysis, into its components; hydrogen and oxygen gas. This gas

Kingkar Corporate Culture

Corporate culture, or organizational culture, is an organization’s unique cultural image made up of its values, beliefs, rituals, symbols, and ways of doing things. In simple terms, it is the various aspects of the enterprise in its daily operation. Enterprise culture is the spiritual wealth and material form created by the enterprise in the production,

Why choose Kingkar company

Recently one Kenya businessman found us and send an inquiry to us. Like every client come to us, firstly, we will introduce the machines to him and tell him what is the different from others and our unique technologies and business model in the world. He is very satisfy with the machine and very glad