Chain car repair shop owners story

He did not have profound knowledge, and even the university did not finish; he did not have a prominent family background, can only rely on their own; he did not Guards luck, all the bit by bit accumulation; he has been quietly in the repair car Of the industry, and that is a person, in ten years later to become a chain with a number of business owners, is this just a miracle?

His name is James, is the home of the children in the rank of the boss, 17 years old, the family will care to send him to the local garage, it is youth rebellious juvenile, just only 9 months, then leave The first factory, four was removed, the longest no more than a year, the shortest also twenty days. In short, stumbling, four years passed.

Occasionally participated in a FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop recruitment, in order to better development, decisively abandoned the outside auto repair factory rich work. From the apprentice to start, the system of contact with the auto repair knowledge, for the future to lay a solid foundation.

After three years of hard work, in June 2005, he came out alone, and opened the first store in life. There is no generous start-up capital, rented a small garage under the residents of the building, so dry.

At that time the conditions are quite hard, full of only two parking spaces, the above made a hanging shop, half of the warehouse, half of the place to eat and sleep. Just started without a source, then take the most dirty and most tired of living – repair a taxi. 24 hours of work, come to work, no one lying in a chair when the clothes on the bed to sleep, so no day and night to work and then work.

At the beginning of the start stage, what bitter have eaten. Tiandaochouqin, business is getting better and better. But James always felt no own unique service. In 2015, he found the engine through the network channel in addition to this service, in order to personally verify the results, specifically came to China, ran a lot of hydrogen machine manufacturers, spent three months time, and finally bought the current nano Carbon machine. Facts have proved that he has a strong courage and vision.

Now a lot of auto repair shop business is bleak, facing the crisis, but James’s auto repair shop business has been booming, the reason, there is no merit, is affordable, high quality maintenance, the use of nano-carbon machine, customer satisfaction High degree of safety and environmental protection.

This is a chain of auto repair shop owner’s story, had a youthful rebellious period, there have been practical study period, have to eat the world’s bitter business period, eighteen years, the ordinary story contains a single insistence.

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