Do you know how to avoid clogged catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a part that controls the emission via the car’s exhaust. It activates the gas that the motor vehicle emits as well as making it less harmful to the surrounding when released.

A clogged catalytic converter can result in bad gas mileage and reduce the engine’s performance levels in your truck. Also, a clogged converter finds it hard to control the harmful emissions the car’s exhaust emits into the environment.

You are not in the position to inspect the catalytic converter; hence, there is no way you can see the inside of it that allows you to realize if it is really clogged or not. It is very important to get to know if your catalytic converter is clogged.

Your vehicle’s performance and functionality will go down and its one of the signs of a clogged converter. Your car will reduce in speed. Poor exhaust valves on your engine can as well cause the clog.

The only method to be sure that your catalytic converter is clogged is by opening it up and taking a look at it, which is illegal. There is no “for the time being” solution. However, you can try these methods to unclog it.

1. Take your car to the High way.

Drive your truck on a highway and drive it at a speed limit for one to two miles. Look at your side mirror and search for a place where you can reduce speed quickly.

Push down your breaks and repeat the whole process considering the safety precaution. If you notice performance improvements on your car, the catalytic converter has been unclogged.

2. Regularly to do carbon clean service.

As we know, the catalytic converter will be blocked because of inefficient fuel combustion inside the engine.

HHO carbon cleaner machine is for car engine maintenance, regular carbon clean service can prevent the catalytic converter blockage. Also it can enhance horse power, extend car engine life and save car repair cost.

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