Do you know which car repairs and maintenances?

I believe that many owners have this feeling: Since buying a car, at least a half of their hearts are on the love of the body – how to maintain, how to decorate or modify the car, many owners are pondering things. Automotive products are dazzling – photocatalyst deodorant, nano-oil-reducing agent, cooling spray, inorganic oil anti-wear agent … … these products, the name of light to listen to people heart. But these names are often the “traps” that tempted you to save money, because most of them are deceptive to you! This week, Mr. Zhu, who once served as an automotive supplies agent at Yongfu Road, was invited to bring out the automotive supplies for those “hush” people.

Both consumers and people in the industry are concerned about the status quo of the auto industry. It is suggested that consumers avoid the traps during car maintenance and repair, learn to save money and repair cars, and cause strong reaction in the industry.

We hope that companies and practitioners will use more effective measures to further regulate the auto repair industry, eradicate these cases, and create a good automobile consumption environment so that consumers can use the car with peace of mind and happily.

NO.1 instant refrigeration in the car

When Mr. Lei passed the auto parts market, he was attracted by a car “rapid cooling agent” called “In-vehicle Spray Rapid Cooling Agent”. The product was called “Cooling King”. Even if the car was exposed in the Gobi Liri environment for two hours, the car temperature was as high as 60°C. Above, as long as you gently spray, a few seconds can be “cool and pleasant.” A look at the price, only a few tens of dollars, out of curiosity he bought a bottle. In the car a few sprays, the so-called “instantaneous” cooling effect is there, but only a few seconds, and the car is filled with an indissoluble odor.

These so-called fast-cooling spray products for vehicles are particularly attractive to owners in the summer. They all say that special cooling materials are used, and the law of energy conservation of heat transfer is used to achieve the effect of cooling the entire vehicle with a few shots. It’s the business that blows the ceiling. If it’s really good, don’t say the air conditioner in the car is redundant, and even household air conditioners can be replaced.

NO.2 fuel economy, fuel saving ball, fuel saving stickers

Far-infrared photon energy-saving fuel ball, ××nano-fuel economizer, ××economizer… In the auto parts market, there are many different brands of fuel-saving products. Each type of economizer claims that the working principle is scientific and reliable. For example, “Using far-infrared ray penetration technology to change gasoline molecular bonds and activate oxygen molecules can achieve the effects of assisting in burning and saving fuel”, “adding nanomaterials into the rubber tube, the aggregated oil molecules break into individual oil molecules. Can promote the fuel to enter the cylinder when fully mixed with air to achieve complete combustion.” It sounds like a good thing.

Fuel savers, fuel-saving balls, fuel-saving stickers, most products are purely flicker! For example, if you claim to use infrared energy to achieve a fuel-saving effect, in fact, infrared energy will cause gasoline to evaporate more easily. What’s the reason? Some say that with nanotechnology, nano is not energy. How does it help? If the product is really good, why are so many car manufacturers not using it? An economizer is nothing but the price of a car. Therefore, the economizer is nothing more than a concept of “perpetual motion”.

NO.3 oil cleaning additive


Flicker: Self-cleaning oil lines, do not go to the repair shop in maintenance and repair, if the vehicle oil dirty dirty or even blocked, you need to clean, the master generally advises the owner to do a professional oil circuit clean, but it requires a certain cost. There are many “oil road cleaning gasoline additives” on the auto parts market. Some product specifications claim that they use high-tech nanotechnology, which can automatically clean the oil circuit, remove the oil road dirt, and improve the vehicle power and reduce fuel consumption. What attracts owners is to use these products not only to add convenience, but to use one hundred yuan or so to “cleanse the oil road” and do not need to go to a repair shop to do a professional cleaning project. However, don’t be tempted by these “benefits.”

The manufacturing threshold of the oil cleaning agent is not high, which makes some small and counterfeit brands flooded with the market. If the owner plans to save money to buy these counterfeit products, not only the oil path is not cleaned, but it may also damage the engine. It is worth noting that the main component of the dirt in the oil road is glial. If the oil cleanser is known to dissolve or separate the colloid, it may corrode the dirt-free place in the oil road at the same time. If the composition of such products can be burned, it may change the combustion value and ignition point, burning rate, have a great impact on the engine; if you call yourself a non-combustion product, it may be deposited on the cylinder wall, valves, spark plugs, etc., then destroyed It’s only a matter of time.

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