Do you know why so many visitors like HHO carbon cleaner machine?

Today is 20th of April, we just finished the 123th of Canton fair and back to office.

During this fair, there are so many visitors stay in our booth, you can see the below photo, you can see there are so many people around our booth. From 15th to 19th.

This is the photo of 19th , the last day of fair, HHO machine still attractive so many visitors, they pay much interested in this machine and business, one side is because our workers activity, another thing is because the machine itself.

Because it is new, no one know it before and also on one seen it before, new machine, new business means huge marketing demand and less competitors.

There is no one business can do for whole life, you must prepare everything before the old one ending.

And the other side, because its business not only get benefits from selling machine, but also getting benefits from selling HHO cleaner.double cleaning effect, double benefits.

There is no one business like it.


Everyday, our booth like this,the visits some are old customers, some are new coming, after we explaining HHO carbon cleaning machine, they all stop and ask more questions. And talked and talked more.

Evan in the last day of Canton Fair, we get some payment from the new coming.

This visitor come from Nigeria and also he is very interested in this machine and have a full planning on the local market after seeing this machine, he come to us for paying us at the last day.then he will begin this market from some demo to the car shop owners and garage and car centre.

He believe that is a very great business in Nigeria.

Just coming to Kingkar, we will show you a different business.


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