Eight matters needing attention in car maintenance

  1. Do not blindly pursue high standard oil

Parameter calibration of gasoline label only gasoline antiknock ability, and it is clean and fuel-efficient gasoline are not necessarily linked, not gasoline label the higher the better, even the luxury car is not equal to the high grade gasoline. What kind of oil to follow the instructions on the oil standard, so that the automobile engine compression coefficient and gasoline antiknock coefficient to adapt to, can not be measured by the price.

  1. lubricants to buy affordable

In addition to gasoline, lubricating oil is another big expense for car owners. The car runs 5000 kilometers and basically needs to be replaced. As one of the most important protective products of automobiles, the selection of high quality lubricating oil can effectively protect the engine, reduce wear and tear, and make the vehicle have better use economy.

But now the lubricating oil brand more and more, can be described as “squandering charming eyes”. So, there are a lot of car trunk brittle hand wave: choose imported, also must be the most expensive. Many owners in the selection of lubricating oil that the higher the level of lubricating oil (label) is good, the more famous brand the better. In fact, this is not necessary. The price of imported oil is more expensive than that of domestic brand 30%~40%, which is more than twice as much as that of domestic oil. So it’s not necessary to spend too much money on famous brands.

  1. Scientific and reasonable maintenance car

Vehicle maintenance cycle refers to the interval mileage (reference, picture, inquiry) or time of car maintenance. Maintenance of high frequency is not a bad thing, can more effectively protect the performance of the vehicle. The early stage of the car is mainly normal maintenance, the cost is relatively low; when the vehicle use a certain number of years or travel a certain mileage will enter the maintenance period, the cost is relatively high.

However, when deciding the maintenance cycle, the maintenance cycle should be adjusted appropriately according to the technical conditions and practical conditions of the automobile itself.

For some designated maintenance dealers recommended maintenance cycle, you have to carefully consider, after all, dealers also want to make money. Generally, a new car with good automobile condition can prolong the maintenance period appropriately; while the automobile condition is poor or the use condition is bad, the maintenance cycle should be shortened appropriately.

  1. Regular cleaning

Always pay attention to cleaning the car filter. Don’t look down on it. It directly affects your car’s fuel consumption. In the car engine in the process of using, dust and other impurities will be mixed with oil, and air oxidation and combustion of waste gas of oil, oil will gradually produce glial or sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of parts, and easy to cause the oil plug. So regularly clean the car filter until you change a new air filter.

  1. tire inflation should be appropriate

Correction of tire pressure is the most important part of safety inspection. Too low tire pressure will lead to abnormal wear or tire internal damage tire pressure, too high will make the tire and wheel is vulnerable to the impact of uneven road deformation, and even lead to tire burst.

Tire pressure must be checked regularly, in addition to the spare tire, the other at least two weeks to check again, and tire pressure check must be conducted in the tire cooling conditions, otherwise the high temperature will make the tire pressure increased, the amount of up to.

  1. Long time in situ hot oil also damage the engine

In situ hot originally is a good thing for a car engine, especially in winter, the outside temperature is low, it is necessary for the vehicle for the car. But some people think that is longer, the engine is better! Everyone knows this is not only the costs of oil also destroyed the engine. Some old driver after the car regardless of the consequence to lift the clutch oil away, that is hot in the walk, but the road is not a “most probably it did not actually happen.

A car engine is “hot”, is very important. The car can not run immediately after starting, because the car just started idle speed is quite high, the correct way is to let the car in the case of natural idling until the water temperature began to rise, idle speed returned to normal level and then start.

  1. Wash the car on rainy daystoo

Washing cars in rainy days is not only because of dirty cars, but more importantly, in order to protect the car paint. In rainy days, car washing is also needed. Those who pay attention to the car owners will wash the car frequently, so that the dust, asphalt and resin on the surface of the paint can be removed to keep the paint smooth.

If a layer of oil protection film is painted on the surface, it can also prevent the rain from directly etching the paint. And the best thing is to wash the car yourself, and insist on washing your car for a long time, it can save a lot of money.

  1. Imported tires may not be applicable

The car actually gave four tires on the road. However, when buying various brands of imported tires, some people will inevitably enter the purchase of misunderstanding. Many consumers are more willing to choose imported tires because of psychological factors. In fact, the introduction of new tires abroad for domestic users, the price is too high not to say, but not necessarily applicable.

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