Five benefits of using clean gasoline

Clean gasoline is tightly controlled, such as aromatics content of gasoline, olefin content, benzene content and sulfur content. It can provide an effective power for the car, but also reduce the emissions of harmful gases. It is based on unleaded petrol, adding multi-effect gasoline cleaning compound additives and the production of gasoline. With the ordinary unleaded petrol ratio, due to the addition of multi-effect compound additives, enhanced the ability to clear all kinds of sediments, improve the economy and reduce the exhaust pollution.

The use of clean gasoline has the following advantages:


(1) To reduce pollution

The use of clean gasoline in cars, emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides will be greatly reduced.


Clean the car parts
The use of clean gasoline vehicles can keep the engine fuel system clean, such as carburetor or nozzle, into the exhaust valve, spark plug, combustion chamber, piston and other components, in the car does not produce grease, jelly and coke, do not need And then regular cleaning, saving time and effort.

(3) Fuel economy

Fuel system clean, oil atomization increased, mixed gas completely burned, so that the engine power to give full play, save fuel.


(4) Improve driving performance

The engine is easy to start, the speed is smooth and the acceleration performance is good.


(5) To extend the service life

The service life of the engine carburetor or nozzle is extended to reduce the cost of repairing the replacement parts. As the fuel system does not produce carbon deposition, reducing the mechanical wear, which also extends the life of the car.

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