Good product to the person in need

Johnson is using Google ads to learn about our products and send us an inquiry. He wants to know more about the carbon machine, but he does not seem to want to buy it immediately after much communication. In a month-long communication, I found Johnson is a car enthusiast, usually always like to modify cars and Zijia You, for the maintenance of a very natural car. Johnson is a young and dynamic person, like new things, like to study all kinds of fun things, but the modified car is just one of his hobbies. I did not give up, because our products can provide additional value to him, and interest can be turned into a business, a person likes to do one thing, then he certainly can do this thing well. Coupled with our products already have a good market awareness, is a long-term investment value. In particular, our unique profit model: through the carbon machine and nano-liquid for many customers to obtain continuous service profits. Later Johnson also heart, but the Chinese products are not assured, want more understanding of Chinese products. Later he was a Chinese trip, we invited him to visit our factory, after our engineers detailed product introduction, he decided to buy a prototype to test the market reaction. Later months, Johnson received a lot of praise from customers, so decided to 10 under the order to become our agent. During the course of the service, we thought he provided a variety of marketing methods and business development direction, in the following year Johnson has purchased 20 units in addition to carbon machine, and thanked me for giving me a way to introduce this one.
From this case, we know that interest is the beginning of success, and interest into business is the need for our clerk to analyze the customer, we are not just for the customer just to buy a product, we are more hope that customers through Our products have been a steady stream of profits has reached the purpose of our win-win situation. The sustainable development of enterprises is the need for customers to drive.

Finally summed up in one sentence, good products to the people who need it.

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