How dangerous is a vehicles idle for a long time?

In the city, cars have become the necessity of transport for people’s lives. When people buying a car, if they really considered the importance of the car to their present life or just bought it because everyone is buying a car? However, oil and maintenance Fees are not cheap, just go out and then met with a traffic jam, hard to find parking and other hardships, most of the time for idle after some people buy a car.


It very harms for long-term idle on the car, the cost is far higher than car care service, please see the following of damage for the long-term idle the motor.

1.Damage to the brake system

When the vehicle is parked for a long time, the handbrake will be strained state for a long time. As a result, the brake pads and the brake disk are easily stuck together, causing the brake system to work badly or even be damaged.


2.Damage the engine and transmission

When the oil is not used for a long time, it will easy condensation & deterioration, when the vehicle starts again, the poor quality of the oil will not play a good lubrication, lead to the engine, gearbox wear easily.


3. Damage to start system

The vehicle is idle for a long time and the battery will leak light. When we drive again, we can not start the vehicle normally. Normally, the car’s battery charge can generally maintain about 1 month.


4.Damage to electronic components

If the car parked outside for a long time, the electronic components are easily damp, thus damaging the electronic components. In addition, the flexibility of car tires will be weakened, deformed.



1.It is better not to leave the vehicle idle more than 15 days continuously.

2.Avoid parking the car on the open-parking ground for a long time, if the car idle for a long time, you should remove the battery promptly,to reduce the battery leakage rate.



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