How to avoid carbon deposit damage engine?

Engine needs oil to run regularly, however, carbon deposit would hinder the best driving experience, then, how to prevent carbon deposit from damaging engine?

When filling worse quality gasoline, deposit carbon accumulates on engine valve very quickly. Because carbon deposit structure is very similar to sponge, so gasoline inject into cylinder will be absorbed partly by carbon deposit. And the actual concentration of the mixture entering the cylinder becomes thinner, so engine runs less smoothly. Bad Conditions like, hard to start, idle instability, poor acceleration, and so on, will appear. The worst result is a bad engine.

How to prevent carbon deposit from accumulating in engine is an important thing for car owners, here are some tips for you:


1. Driving regularly on express way, improve the shift speed of manual transmission

When driving on expressway, airflow will scour the air inlet, and slow the carbon deposit accumulation speed. The effect of improving shift speed of manual transmission is similar with driving on expressway.


2. Avoid long time idle driving

Idle time is long, the time required to reach the normal temperature of the engine also becomes longer, the gasoline is sprayed to the back of the valve after the evaporation rate is slow, resulting in carbon deposition. At the same time often idling, into the engine air flow is small, so that the scouring effect of carbon deposition has become very weak, will promote the deposition of carbon deposition.


3. Filling high quality gasoline

Impurities in gasoline are the major components that form carbon deposits, so the tendency to clean coke to form carbon deposits is weaker. However, it is important to note that high marks do not equal high quality and that the label only represents the octane number of the oil and does not represent the quality and cleanliness.

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