How to avoid some common mistake

We have an customer sent a picture to me this week, and he said the machine can not work and it is beep. I ask him to send a vedio for me to see the lights on the top and also i can hear the noise in the vedio. This is the reason why each time customer have some query on the machine we always ask them to send vedio. From the vedio i found that “high,mid” wate level lights are off, only “low” water level light is on. And the “add water” light is on, the “over heat” light is on. And the “gas output” light never blink. I told him no need worry, we should solve this step by step. First should replenish water to machine. And he told me that he see from the top of water inlet, the water is full. I know he must use a wrong way to add water, so the water not flow down just stay at top make it looks” full” but actually empty. Then i told him the correct way to add water. Actually this information is already on our manual, so it is better to read and familiar to the manual before use the machine. After water added successfully the beep disappear, and the “add water” “over heat” warm light are off. But the “Gas output” display is still off. So i ask him to check the wire if any loose, after he check the wire and make it tight, the display is already blink, the problem is solved. Sometimes a part of small problem of machine are all caused by incorrect process way, so please do read the manual first before using machine.

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