How to easily clean your car engine?


We all know that the car’s fuel distribution system is more sophisticated, under normal circumstances is not free to dismantle. Owners to go to the engine fuel system cleaning time, the general use of the engine free cleaning agent, so do not need to dismantle the car’s fuel system. This one can not only protect the car engine fuel system, on the other hand but also can thoroughly clean the car’s fuel system.


Now teach you how to easily clean the car engine!


First: the first open the fuel tank cover, and then take out the inside of the filter tube, the use of a hose inside the fuel tank out, leaving about 10-15 cm deep, and then add 80 ml of ethanol gasoline replacement cleaning agent , Re-installed filter tube, and then cover the fuel tank cover.


Second, the engine into and out of the tubing, and then the engine into the tubing and return pipe and no-clean washing machine into the oil pipe and return pipe connected, and the use of special interface will be connected to the oil pipe and return pipe to form a loop.


Third, the owner can be based on the demolition of the cleaning machine tank above the scale or according to the number of car engine cylinder (usually about 100ml petrol per cylinder), the fuel added to the garlic cleaning agent in the storage tank, and in which 100ml Of ethanol gasoline replacement cleaning agent.


Fourth: according to different models of the car, the pressure to make appropriate adjustments, under normal circumstances need to adjust the EFI 2 to 3 pressure, carburetor models to adjust to the more appropriate pressure on it.


Fifth: start the car engine, check the car into the oil pipe and oil return pipe is the phenomenon of oil spills in the case of idle about 20 minutes or so, in about 4 minutes or so when the time to increase the throttle, so that In the process of cleaning the engine inside the carbon and moisture from the exhaust pipe full discharge.


Sixth: the demolition of the washing machine and the car engine into the tubing and return pipe to open, so that the entire oil system back to normal, start the car engine, the owner and then carefully check whether there is oil spill phenomenon.


Seventh: the car’s fuel tank cover open, and then inside the filter tube out, with a small tube from the tank mouth into the bottom of the tank, and then connected to the pump to 3kg / cm pressure to purge, so that you can make the tank inside Some of the impurities will be steamed up and thus be washed off. Remember that when cleaning, the owner is best in the fuel tank mouth plug a clean cloth, and constantly move the thin tube to change the location of the purge.


Eighth: and so the bottom of the car fuel impurities are washed away, the owners need to let the fuel tank inside the tank.


Ninth: According to the situation, see if the fuel filter needs to be replaced.


Tenth: then the owner can refuel, start the car engine, see how the car.


In fact, there is a more simple way to clean the car engine, that is, the use of kingkar HHO Carbon Cleaner machine, as long as 15 minutes can increase engine horsepower, reduce engine emission, improve engine performance, save oil consumption.

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