How to maintain the car tires, the car opened up both fuel-efficient and safe

Car tires, like human feet, are one of the most important components. The only component of a tire that comes into direct contact with the ground is the degree of wear that can be expected. So, often to tire maintenance. Maintenance of the tire, the car opened up both fuel-efficient and safe. So, how to protect the car tires it?


1, regular check tire pressure

Tire pressure is an important factor affecting tire life, not too high or too low, to be inflated according to the tire pressure indicated by the vehicle. It should be noted that the tire pressure will change with temperature changes. Affected by the thermal expansion and contraction, winter tire pressure will be reduced, if not properly increase the tire pressure, not only will increase the car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear and tear of the car tires.

Therefore, the winter can be appropriate to increase the point of tire pressure, but to control the provisions of the range. In the summer, the temperature is higher, the tire pressure is too high, then easily lead to flat tire. Therefore, the summer tire pressure to low.


2, regular removal of debris within the tread

Tires with a long, easy to mix the contents of their treads with pebbles, broken bricks and other debris, these things if not cleared in time, will make you when driving a bumpy feeling. Therefore, we found that pebbles and other keys should be used to pull out, try to ensure that the tire clean.


3, for four rounds of transposition

When the vehicle appears deviation or other abnormal steering, the tire should be timely transposition, so as to avoid other abnormal tire. Four-wheel transposition to ensure that the vehicle 4 uniform tire force, to avoid excessive wear and tear.


4, check the tire wear and tear

The new tires and the traction of the old tires and grip vary greatly, those tires are very powerful, grip is weak, prone to skidding. Therefore, the tire should be promptly replaced according to the wear and tear. So, how to determine the need to change it?

In general, all tires have a wear mark at a depth of 1.6 mm and all wear marks have a small boss called the “tread wear mark”, next to the boss there is a “tread wear Tag “abbreviation” TWI “. In normal use under the premise of tire wear to reach this bulge on the need to replace the tire.


5, timely tire repair

If the car tied nails, even if there is no leak, but also as soon as possible on the spare tire, and then make up the nail tires. Sometimes do not need to change the spare tire on the nail first, let the tire repairer take a look at the nail first, if the nail is not big, the tie is not deep, may not penetrate the tire, you do not need to change the spare tire.


6, prevention of shoulder and potholes

Some people like to park their car on the shoulder, in fact, this will allow the tire to be squeezed, easily lead to the tire cord on the side of the fracture, resulting in tire bulging.

In addition, pavement potholes should also be careful to avoid, because when the tire ran over the pit, the tire will be squeezed. Larger potholes, the higher the speed, the greater the pressure on the tire squeezed, this will result in tire bulging.

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