How to maintenance car “Three Filter”?

“Three Filter” refers to the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. Filter, as its name implies, is a device for filtering impurities. “Three” cleaning and maintenance in time, can give full play to the performance of the engine, reduce engine failure rate, to prolong the service life of the engine.


(1) Air filter

The correct installation of air filter can reduce the wear of parts such as cylinder, piston and piston ring. It is usually cleaned once every 5000 kilometers, and an air filter must be replaced for 10000 kilometers per drive.


(2) Oil filter

The correct installation of the oil filter can avoid the impurities mixed in the engine oil during the use of the internal combustion engine, and prevent the wear of the moving parts and the blockage of the oil path. When the lubricating oil is replaced, the oil filter must be replaced at the same time, otherwise the quality of the lubricating oil will be affected. The cycle of oil and oil filters is usually 5000 kilometers.


(3) Fuel filter

The correct installation of the fuel filter can prevent the gasoline in the process of storage, transportation and injection of the impurities and water caused by the cylinder wear. In order to ensure that the engine runs well, the replacement of the fuel filter is usually 20000 km or 1 years.


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