How to prevent carbon deposit on engine?

In the car repair for the diagnosis of carbon deposition has always been a problem, if the owners themselves to distinguish whether there is carbon deposition is even harder, and its out of the problem and then repair as preventive measures, with routine maintenance means to maintain The normal use of the vehicle performance. Here are some ways to reduce and prevent carbon deposition.

First: Raise high-quality gasoline.


Gasoline waxes and gums and other impurities is the main component of the formation of carbon deposition, so the cleanliness of gasoline formation of carbon deposition tends to be weaker. Unfortunately, at present, the quality of gasoline in our country is still relatively low compared to the developed countries. We must pay attention to high-grade does not mean high-quality, that is, No. 97 oil is not necessarily less than the number of impurities on the 93, the label represents only the octane number of oil does not represent the quality and cleanliness.


Some owners in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, gasoline gasoline will be added to the practice of adding detergent. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposition on the metal surface layer, and can gradually activate the original carbon particles slowly removed, thus protecting the engine from harm. However, the addition of gasoline detergent must be careful, if you join the fake products will get the opposite effect.

Second: Do not idle for a long time


Idle time long, the engine reaches the normal temperature of the time will become longer, the gas is sprayed on the back of the valve after the evaporation rate is slow, resulting in carbon deposition. At the same time often idling, into the engine air flow is small, so that the erosion of carbon deposition has become weak, will promote the deposition of carbon deposition.

Third: Run more high-speed, try to improve the shift speed hand block car.


Multi-run high-speed purpose is to use the airflow on the scouring of the inlet to prevent carbon deposition. In addition, to improve the speed of the shift also has many similarities with the multi-run high-speed has the same purpose, the original 2000 when the shift speed into 2500 conversion, not only can effectively prevent carbon deposition, but also can improve the car’s power, but also to avoid the change Gear speed is too low to bring the burst vibration, protect the engine.


With the method of the vehicle’s intake, valves, oil and other easy to form a carbon deposition of the site of carbon deposition operations. This can effectively reduce the impact of carbon deposition on engine performance, so that the car’s “heart” to maintain the best condition.

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