If you do not concern these issues, your engine will needs overhaul!

What does the engine mean for a car?

Just like the heart of a car, which determines the car’s power, economy and environmental protection. Once the engine have the big problem, it affect people’s driving experience much.


Many people always know the hindsight, until the engine problems happened then realized, but it’s wrong, we need prevent this problems, here is the list of some omen before the produce problems.


  1. Sediment tank


For the tank of sediment is the need for regular cleaning. Do not think it’s okay to refuel. In fact, when the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, a certain amount of gum will be formed in the process of the oil passage, and the sediment will slowly be deposited. In the end, the fuel can not be atomized properly.



Sediment tank will appear what problems, such as instability at idle, engine knock, speed difference is poor. Once again remind owners to regularly clean up the sediment tank.


2.Oil is deteriorated



How to see whether there is deterioration of oil it?

Specific symptoms include: darker oil colors, metal debris and jelly, all of which are signs of deterioration of the oil. Oil deterioration, resulting in lower oil lubrication capacity, increasing wear and tear.


If you find that the owners must promptly replace the oil, or the deposition of these impurities continue, it will cause damage to the operation of the engine.


3.Belt is worn and aged


Long working hours of the engine, will inevitably lead to belt wear and aging, will eventually fracture, so once you find the belt wear and aging, please replace. Otherwise, the engine can not be returned to the camshaft, while the camshaft is pressed on the valve top column, the impact is


Pistons move from bottom dead center to top dead center – causing the spark plug to collide with the intake and exhaust valves that are open – the intake and exhaust camshafts deform and the top of the piston gets hit


At this point the engine must overhaul.


4.Cooling system is faulty


If the car appears cylinder, detonation, noise, etc., the cooling system may be poor or malfunction caused by the need to add appropriate amount of antifreeze in the car.



Because the engine work, some direct contact with high temperature combustion parts such as piston, cylinder block, etc., the working temperature will be high, the cylinder temperature up to 1800 ~ 2000 ° C. So if the cooling system is faulty, it may cause great damage to the engine.


  1. Air intake is dirty


If the intake pipe is dirty, just like the nose is blocked, can lead to breathing difficulties. Intake pipe work efficiency will decline, the final engine output power can not operate within the normal range. Exacerbated the wear and aging of the various components of the engine.


Please take care your engine, also you can choose to do the carbon clean service to mainten your car, give you a better driving experience and prolong your engine life.

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