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New customer-Mr.Tomce is a post-90s generation, he working at a communications company, similar to China’s Huawei.

He found HHO carbon cleaner machine 6.0 from Google, and he also searches HHO 6.0 on Alibaba.com.

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He told me he got married last year, also his baby girl was born during the 2018 New Year’s day. I asked him why he wanted to do this carbon cleaner service business. He told me that he had a car, however, the car engine had a lot of problems, he had repaired it twice times and spent a lot of money. One day, he searches something news for how to care car engine and extend engine life, he found the HHO carbon cleaner machine, and he was very interested, he wants to help more people fix the trouble of the engine and extend their car engine life to save their money.

During the period, Mr.Tomce saw the similar products from other companies. but he has always believed that KingKar’s products and services are the best. I asked the Mr.Tomce why choose KingKar, He said: I think is the best cleaning machine, certified Efficient, excellent support, service, warranty, possible to do mobile service, easy to use.

Every time I discussed with Mr.Tomce on Facebook, I can feel he was a very strong execution and extremely thoughtful person. He also infected me. I learned a lot from him and I saw the great potential from post-90s generation. At the same time, I have strengthened my faith, I must help customers make more money from this new business.

He also told me that he wouldn’t do the business full time and he would continue to do his own job. He planned to transfer this business to his wife’s manage. What a Nice man!!!

Finally, We determined the deal this month.

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