Kingkar meet you in Automechanic Shanghai 2017

Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition maintenance services and supplies exhibition of the popular name, is the world’s second largest auto scale after Germany Frankfurt parent exhibition accessories brand exhibition, November 30, 2017 to December 3rd at the National Convention Center(Shanghai) held in the exhibition area will reach 300 thousand square meters, is expected to more than 5600 exhibitors.

There are three obvious trends in the automotive aftermarket industry, that is, the Internet, communications, software and hardware and other emerging enterprises into the automotive industry, electrification and intellgence is the general trend. To this end, the current Shanghai auto exhibition in addition to set up auto parts, supplies and modification, repair and maintenance and other comprehensive coverage of the industrial chain of several plates, more firmly grasp the industry trend, inject new elements for the exhibition.

Show advanced products and technology field of electronic system and the full range of all types of enterprises, including not only more suppliers, vehicle information system, mobile phone and network terminal, software development, Internet service providers and other types of enterprises and for the future network of vehicle and transportation system to provide transportation technology enterprise products and Solutions.

Kingkar company will attend this exhibition to show HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner machine to people from all of the world.

As the leader brand of HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner machine, Kingkar pays attention to every details of machine design, but also the machine advertising.

We tried to our best to attend every exhibition to show customers.

Waiting for your coming to our booth for further talk?

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