Machine can not turn on

We have an customer in asia,one day they send wechat message to me, and told that when they switch on machine, they can not turn on, when they press button “on” the machine top display board no light is blink, even the “power” light is not on. And he send message in a very angry mood. Haven’t wait until my reply, he keep on sending message to me very soon” your machine is not working, this is bad machine, i will not do business with you, why you not reply me immediately, i can not contact you.” when i am typing the words to reply him, he start to call me. I pick up the phone, and tell him i am writing message replying him and try to pacify his angry mood. Firstly i ask him to send me a short vedio of the procedure show how the machine not working, and i find that everything looks fine, but the power and water level light not on, then i ask him if he had already add cleaner agent in it, he feedback no, and he said the machine is not turn on, why need add cleaner agent? I told him that on our manual have marked clearly, without adding cleaner agent our machine can not turn on, must add it first then can turn on machine let it working. He add one bottle cleaner agent and re-start machine, it is working well now, then he become very nice, and very satisfied about it.

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