Malaysia customers’ factory visiting in Kingkar—Eva


On 21st to 23rd September, I received my first Chinese-speaking customers in Kingkar, Mr. Tan and Mr. Lee. Who before work on real estate, and see our HHO carbon cleaning machine by chance on local Electronic Advertising. Then they search the machine on Google and send us inquiry. And mostly I contact Mr. Tan by phone calls, and knowing that:

Most car care centers adopt chemical carbon cleaning method, which takes 40 mins for a service and do harm to engine, and some adopt HHO carbon cleaning machine, which can’t clean the carbon deposit totally. And normally it charges USD40-50 for a carbon cleaning service. I compared our HHO6.0 carbon cleaner with above two cleaning methods to Mr. Tan, concluding that our HHO6.0 is the only one using HHO gas together with HHO cleaning agent at same time for decarbonizing, which shortens the cleaning time, only 20 mins with super customer experience and perfect cleaning effect.

Mr. Tan is impressed by our unique HHO cleaning agent, and shows great interest in dealership in Kuala Lumpur. I suggest that Mr. Tan can start with providing mobile carbon cleaning service with our HHO6.0, for smaller investment and better promoting. For Mr. Tan is not professional in automobile industry, he decides to come to Kingkar factory for visiting and training with his partner Mr. Lee.

In Kingkar factory, we arrange two technicians for training operation and inner structure, Mr. Tan and Mr. Lee are very impressed by ten safety devices of HHO6.0, found our machine is much super. And they’re the most hardworking customers I had seen in Kingkar factory, for they record every word our technicians say and almost spend whole day in factory for learning. We also give a spot test on a petrol car with HHO6.0, let Mr. Tan drive before and after carbon cleaning service to feel the car performance difference. We find that after cleaning the rotational speed is reduced to 650R from 1000R in idle state, that means save more oil. And speed up more easily. Meanwhile we use a noise detector to check the decibel in engine, it reduced to 65DB from 75DB.

Mr. Tan and Mr. Lee are very satisfied with HHO6.0 performance, and he pays USD6000 for deposit for two machines. And they’re very confidence in the HHO6.0 promotion in Kula Lumpur.

Thanks for your trust and coffee( for they brings six bags of coffee from Malaysia), may you great success in Kula Lumpur!

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