Muhammud – I want to start carbon clean service, how can I get many profit from it?

Last Saturday, A new customer Mr.Mhummad from the Asia market told us that he want to start carbon cleaning busines, what he considerate now just he don’t know how to start, because he specialized in the car parts shop and don’t have the workshop to provide the carbon clean service.


After discuss we send he the suggestion of the business, and he decide it very quickly to start.

Attached is the suggestion:

Before start:

1.Put advertisment in the near place like in the company outside to attract more people

2.Invite the people who have the car or have the workshop to come to the first demonstration service of carbon cleaning, then when you doing the serivce, you can get their feedback of it

3.If you have the old customer or friends is doing the car service business, you can tell them when they trying the first carbon cleaning service, they can get the service charge to attract them doing the service, whe your service become familiar, that will can easliy to develop your company.

When you start:

  1. Before demonstration, you can test some cars at first, and be familiar with machine using
  2. Show people this new service and get their feedback, take some video and pictures for prove the service, and you can send on the website or social media for promoting

After end the demonstration:

  1. Collect the customer words and feedback to show us, we can give the suggestion of the machine marketing, and make the plan together.


Do you have your plan for start this carbon clean business? Please feel free to contact us, we will very appreciated your any comments.

Hope we can make a mutual benefit in the short future.

We will always on your side to do the business!

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