One unforgetable touring to Zhangjiajie

8th October.2017, Our Korean customer kim and his wife, and the translator Mr.Lee went to Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain.

This time is my second time to Zhangjiajie, but every route is not the same route as before,also not in the same area,and they are Unhurried character. I can not to to plan all things as beforfe, because even if the time is very busy, i can not embarrassed to urge customers to eat, hurry to go, and so on. After all, different from which i treat my family.

I bought two tickets for me and the Chinese translator, because the tickets for foreign tourists must go to the attractions window.

Next day, we drove to Zhangjiajie early, the car GPS is Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain. And then along the way, arriving to the foot of the Tianmen Mountain. We are attracted by the beautiful scene,as long as the car stopped and we began to taking pictures.


For a while, I took their passports to buy the ticket, then we went to the ticket gate, unexpected, the tellers told me that we are four different lines, I and the translator are the A line, take the cableway up to mountain, take bus down, but at that time we are at the foot of the B line of the mountain, that is to say, take bus up the mountain, cableway down the mountain. This is embarrassing. That is to say that four of us can not be together to the top of Mountain, we must return two of our tickets, replaced by the same line. I also try to plead for the tellers,beg him let us past the gate, but. He resolutely said no, because when  when we take the bus,there will be more trouble.

I and the translators of are the network tickets. Can not return, but only the customer and his wife’s vote turned down, change the same line with us, and then ride back to  the A line.

When I explained to the customer that feel very sorry for that, he did not have any meaning of blame. and smile said to me, this is an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to such a good customer.


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