“Over water” Alarm on big engine car

A customer in chile feedback that the machine alarm with “over water” light blink. And it is strange that this case only happen on three cars, all of these cars are petrol car. We ask customer thought and analysis the common point of these three car then let us know, they are all big engine with high displacement. But we internal discuss, machine will never alarm due to high suction from car. And over water will alarm when the liquid in antibackfire part not come out, and the liquid touch the probe it will alarm to remind you should let the liquid come out. We ask customer to follow our easy steps, when turn on machine, only press button on, but press button start, to wait for about 2 minutes to see if any liquid come out from the black pipe. They feedback follow our steps it is really have liquid come out, and after the liquid is flow out, they start the machine again with small car, everything is ok, but when they use the big engine car, this problem happen again, but now the liquid is already flow out. Then we discuss and find that due to big engine the suction is too strong, the suction make the very little liquid which left inside the tank be inhaled and it touch the probe discontinuous. So this make the machine alarm with “over water” light blink, this also explain the situation that the “over water” light blink discontinuous not always blink. Finally we ask the customer to remove the probe clean it make it dry inside, and everytime use machine wait two minutes then press start to avoid this happen again.

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