How to easily clean your car engine?

  We all know that the car’s fuel distribution system is more sophisticated, under normal circumstances is not free to dismantle. Owners to go to the engine fuel system cleaning time, the general use of the engine free cleaning agent, so do not need to dismantle the car’s fuel system. This one can not only

Winter is fast approaching Is your car ready

October is Car Care Month, and we suggest drivers to prepare their vehicle before Old Man Winter is knocking on the door. Vehicle maintenance is very important, and there are a few simple things every driver can do to make sure their car is road-ready for the winter ahead. October is the perfect month to make sure

Eight matters needing attention in car maintenance

Do not blindly pursue high standard oil Parameter calibration of gasoline label only gasoline antiknock ability, and it is clean and fuel-efficient gasoline are not necessarily linked, not gasoline label the higher the better, even the luxury car is not equal to the high grade gasoline. What kind of oil to follow the instructions on

Diesel particulate filter upgrade

Diesel Particulate Filter is a device installed in a diesel vehicle exhaust system that reduces particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust by filtration.   Diesel Particulate Filter captures particles, such as diffusion sedimentation, inertial deposition, or linear interception, through a mixture of surface and interior filtration devices. DPF can effectively purify the 70%–90% particles in the

The danger of car carbon deposition

  Coke is the engine in the course of work, the fuel unsaturated olefins and glues in the high temperature generated by a coke-like material. It can be accumulated in the various parts of the engine, such as, into the exhaust system; fuel room; It has the oil absorption characteristics, will make the combustion of

I have a dream from Eva Kingkar

  In Kingkar office, every staff is required to stick his dreams on the wall, stimulating us to work hard with great passions every day. My dreams are listed as follows: I have a dream that one day I can be an indispensable core person in Kingkar, being a top manager and shareholder. I have a dream that