Good product to the person in need

Johnson is using Google ads to learn about our products and send us an inquiry. He wants to know more about the carbon machine, but he does not seem to want to buy it immediately after much communication. In a month-long communication, I found Johnson is a car enthusiast, usually always like to modify cars

The import of carbon machine in China

Carbon cleaning machine which manufactures from Kater has always been to ensure that customers receive the goods every detail is zero flaws, a long-term cooperation of the British customer jockey each received the goods are amazed, in the cartel imports of carbon Machine in the UK all the best-selling, the British domestic carbon machine manufacturers

Chain car repair shop owners story

He did not have profound knowledge, and even the university did not finish; he did not have a prominent family background, can only rely on their own; he did not Guards luck, all the bit by bit accumulation; he has been quietly in the repair car Of the industry, and that is a person, in

The harm of carbon deposition

The harm of carbon deposition the top of the piston carbon hazards: 1, the top of the piston carbon deposition, will make the cooling effect worse, the combustion chamber volume becomes smaller, compression ratio increases. 2, the combustion chamber high temperature will make the top of the piston coke surface ignition, and spark plugs on

Tips you must know, about car caring!

Car caring is not only driving carefully. Car inside caring is also very important. Such as engine oil. Engine oil will lose efficacy after long distance drive, which will cause engine ageing. Good engine oil caring can avoid this problem. Engine caring is also very important as well as engine oil. Cleaning engine carbon deposit can reduce

This is long story about HHO

Water is the source of life, the world everything needs water to continue the moisture, the founder of the KingKar-Steven want to name the nano-carbon clean machine, he spent lots of time for that, but still did not find the better one, at the same time, Steven attend to participate in a public welfare activities, a