Since HHO6.0 come out to the world, a lot of people are interest in its new technologies and new business. Even someone do not know it at the beginning,but at last, after i told them what is the advantage of HHO6.0. they would rather to choose it. Remembered that,at the first time, i introduced HHO6.0

Car Care Market Trends

FROM AT HOME CAR WASH TO CAR WASH CENTERS, WHAT DO CONSUMERS WANT?   WHO WASHES THEIR CAR AT HOME? WHO WASHES THEIR CAR AT CAR WASH CENTERS? Household customers account for the largest share of car wash & detailing industry revenue at approximately 76%. Car Wash & Detailing household customers are broadly defined as

Good product to the person in need

Johnson is using Google ads to learn about our products and send us an inquiry. He wants to know more about the carbon machine, but he does not seem to want to buy it immediately after much communication. In a month-long communication, I found Johnson is a car enthusiast, usually always like to modify cars

The import of carbon machine in China

Carbon cleaning machine which manufactures from Kater has always been to ensure that customers receive the goods every detail is zero flaws, a long-term cooperation of the British customer jockey each received the goods are amazed, in the cartel imports of carbon Machine in the UK all the best-selling, the British domestic carbon machine manufacturers

Chain car repair shop owners story

He did not have profound knowledge, and even the university did not finish; he did not have a prominent family background, can only rely on their own; he did not Guards luck, all the bit by bit accumulation; he has been quietly in the repair car Of the industry, and that is a person, in