Global Warming and Polar Ice Cap Melting

Breaking from land and bobbing in the ocean for centuries upon centuries, icebergs are surely one of nature’s most beautiful masterpieces. Each year, hundreds of thousands of them crack off glaciers and slide into the sea from the northern and southernmost tops of the globe. Only ten per cent of an iceberg is visible from

Clear measures in fighting air pollution

China has taken important steps in its fight against smog, especially given the country’s massive growth, but challenges remain With the development of its industrial civilization, China has gradually developed an increasingly severe ecological crisis. In recent years, however, China has made much progress in improvement of its atmospheric environment through unremitting efforts. Not long

World Bank invests $150m for green project

The World Bank approved $150 million in financial support on Monday for a $317.5 million project supporting urban development and improving climate change resilience in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The five-year project includes $108.5 million for urban regeneration, $132.1 million for urban transport, $72.3 million for flood risk management and $4.6 million for technical assistance and

10 Easy Ways You Can Prolong Your Car’s Life

We all have things we want to do before we die. I’m sure people’s lists involve stuff like ‘travel to Paris, Tokyo, a crack den, etc” so I won’t include them on this list. Most people aren’t Oprah-rich and can’t spend every day jet-setting to complete their bucket lists, but I couldn’t resist including a

Top 5 Car Warranty And Maintenance Considerations

Why car maintenance and warranty coverage is an important part of the car shopping process? When you’re shopping for a new vehicle it’s just as important to compare car warranty and maintenance information as it is to compare price and monthly payment. Car warranty coverage is measured in terms of time and total mileage driven

Why Should We Decarbonize Our Car’s Engine?

I always heard that the owner of car complained that after ran one or two years, the automobile engine will have performance degradation in different levels: economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase, short of power, fast acceleration not free, start not smooth, especially in cold start, excessive exhaust emission, noise increase, the engine oil turns