Engine repair is not believe “evil”!

Let’s take a look at the story of this almost “hedge”: An inter-provincial passenger bus with a four-cylinder engine travels between the two places, 280 kilometers apart. The engine’s lack of power is also a common fault, but the fault conditions that occur in this vehicle are not the same as the normal situation, and

Car maintenance tips!

Car paint maintenance Car paint maintenance knowledge is actually very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, but the surface has small concave and holes, the new car is recommended to do a glaze or coating process. Under normal circumstances, the coating longer than the sealing glaze, sealing glaze effect in about 3 months to six

Common Fault Analysis of Automobile Oxygen Sensor

1.Oxygen sensor poisoning Oxygen sensor poisoning is a frequent and more difficult problem to prevent, especially in cars that use leaded gasoline frequently. Even new oxygen sensors can only work for thousands of kilometers. If only a slight lead poisoning occurs, then using a box of unleaded petrol, the lead on the surface of the