Common Fault Analysis of Automobile Oxygen Sensor

1.Oxygen sensor poisoning Oxygen sensor poisoning is a frequent and more difficult problem to prevent, especially in cars that use leaded gasoline frequently. Even new oxygen sensors can only work for thousands of kilometers. If only a slight lead poisoning occurs, then using a box of unleaded petrol, the lead on the surface of the

The life of the car

Car known in our daily life, different people have their own views for cars, for love of cars must be feeling also is not the same, estimate or the owner of the treasure of the treasure, however small make up I estimate is not very good to tell a car the general scope of all

Do you know which car repairs and maintenances?

I believe that many owners have this feeling: Since buying a car, at least a half of their hearts are on the love of the body – how to maintain, how to decorate or modify the car, many owners are pondering things. Automotive products are dazzling – photocatalyst deodorant, nano-oil-reducing agent, cooling spray, inorganic oil