Reduction and prevention of carbon generation

First: add high quality gasoline.

The waxes and colloid in gasoline are the main components of carbon deposition, so the tendency of clean and high gasoline to form carbon is weaker. Unfortunately, the quality of gasoline in China is still relatively low compared with that of developed countries. Label doesn’t mean you should pay attention to high quality, that is to say, no. 97 of the oil does not have impurities, less than 93 symbols represent only the octane value of the oil, does not represent the quality and cleanliness.

Some car owners will use gasoline to keep gasoline clean. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon layer on the metal surface and gradually remove the original carbon particles to protect the engine from injury. But the addition of gasoline cleansers must be measured. If you add a fake product, you will get the opposite effect.


Second: don’t drive idle for a long time.

The idle time is long, the time of the engine to reach normal temperature also becomes longer, the gas is sprayed to the rear of the valve, the speed of evaporation is slow, the product carbon also is born. At the same time, the air flow into the engine is small, so that the scour of carbon is very weak, which can promote the deposition of carbon deposition.


Third: run high speed and try to improve the gear shift speed.

The purpose of multi-run speed is to use air flow to protect the air inlet to prevent the production of carbon. Improve shifting speed also has the same effect with much run high-speed, originally in 2000 when the rotating speed shift into 2500 transformation, not only can effectively prevent carbon generation, also can improve the power performance of vehicle, also can avoid the shift of blasting vibration speed is too low, to protect the engine.


Fourth: watch out for the timing of the car.

For cars with turbocharger, don’t immediately after high speed or climbing out the car, in the idle run out the car again ten minutes later, because the cars with the turbocharger, the carbon deposition speed faster than general naturally aspirated car several times.


Due to the condition of the city, the rhythm of people’s life and the conditions of China’s fuel market, the above methods of avoiding carbon production may not be easy to achieve. So suggest motorists in satisfy all routine maintenance under the conditions of every 20000 to 40000 kilometers do the air intake system without disassembly cleaning, is on the premise of the engine without disassembly with special equipment for special method of vehicle inlet, valve, oil and other easily to form carbon parts for the operation of black carbon. This can effectively reduce the effect of carbon deposition on engine performance, keeping the car’s “heart” at its best.

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