Small scratch, rust, do it yourself is also very simple

Due to a variety of objective factors may cause your car to give birth to some rust, the car body has some slight scratches or corrosion, if the car owners regardless of easy to rust, but not worth the money to the car beauty shop. So, the owner can do it yourself with some easy ways to teach you today a few “freckle” tips!


Rust often appear rusty body appearance, mainly because of scratches after the metal sheet metal directly with the outside world caused by contact. In addition to common causes such as collision, scratching, long-term parked rust for a long time, there is a case that when driving, the car bouncing small stones caused by the collision, will paint one by one spalling Small spots, resulting in small rust spots. Such small traces are often overlooked, usually to check the body regularly, once found, we must immediately deal with.

With a small scraping, rust, do it yourself is also very simple to deal with: If the rust is not very serious, you can first use a very thin water sandpaper gently moistened with water to rust, completely wiped, coated with a primer, Can ensure that rust will not expand, increase. If the new scratches, can be rubbed directly coated with primer, the general vehicles are equipped with a small can of original paint. Although this treatment is not very good, but small places are not cause serious problems.

If the wind and rain in the face of the weather, the inner layer of the car will be repeatedly beaten car paint, especially if the car blown into the wind and sand, will be drawn on the car body countless small scratches, over time Will also cause the paint black hair. In addition, do not use sand or rag to clean the sand body immediately after the sandstorm, but should be rinsed with water, also to prevent the sand on the duster and rag from scratching the paint.

– Some soft-painted vehicles, sand particles in the body during high-speed driving may also cause fine scuff marks For these cars, you can seal the body enamel, it can form a mesh of solid protective film to enhance the paint Surface hardness, the effect can be maintained for about a year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the bottom of the vehicle can be chassis armor or plastic seal, so you can protect the chassis acid rain, corrosion, so that the original protective layer is not easy to dry, fall off, but also to prevent the collision of pebbles on the chassis during driving.


If the rust is not very serious, first with a very thin water sandpaper gently moistened with water to rust, but should not indiscriminately chaos grinding, with the same line to polish. When completely wiped, apply a layer of primer. If the new scratch, can be directly painted after wiping the primer. Later, if the vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait for the primer to dry, and then use water sandpaper to smooth it. Apply the original paint over the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a refill paint pen, paint pen with color processing. Although this treatment did not go to the beauty shop to deal with the effect is good, but if it is small or inconspicuous at the scar, you can also play to prevent rust from expanding, increasing the role.


In addition, the body easy to stagnant water, such as the arc inside and outside the rim, the bottom of the door and trunk, corners, etc., a long time also prone to corrosion. If the drain at the lower edge of the door is clogged or not very smooth, the moisture infiltrated during rain or driving may remain inside the door for a long time. After a while, it will start to rust from the inside to the outside. When it is found, it will be difficult to handle . Therefore, often keep the doors and body parts of the drainage hole unobstructed, is an important part of routine maintenance can not be ignored. Car door keyway and the glass around the wiper frame and the moving parts are also prone to rust, we must always pay attention.

You can also use ordinary toothpaste to deal with. When a new small scratch is found, gently apply the toothpaste to the scratch. After rain or car wash, do not forget to apply it again. This can generally reduce the scratch mark, you can simply play a role in isolation, to prevent rust, no problem in the short term. Especially the white paint, the effect is most obvious.

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