The benefits of carbon machine

ree to dismantle engine any parts (only connection – intake manifold).Never hurt oil seal, gasket and engine, won’t damage your engine oil (free maintenance, no oil change).

2, immediately lift power from 10% to 20%.Obviously felt a second start strong, speed is accelerated, power boost when climbing a hill, throttle obvious lighter, when high speed vehicle speed reduced.

3, immediately save 5% – 20%.Prolong the service life of the oxygen sensor By cleaning the oxygen sensor, restoring the vehicle air-fuel ratio to 14.7:1, close to the new value, can save fuel, enhance the power.

4, immediately could prolong the service life of the ternary catalysts, hydrogen and oxygen machine on high temperature steam produced three yuan catalysts of sulfur mixture of phosphorus removal, restore the activity of three yuan catalysts.

5, effectively prolong engine overhaul. , to reduce the exhaust the harmful gas emissions by 72%.(allows you to check the car at a time through the emissions standards) 7. Just a short span of 20 to 40 minutes.

The hydrogen and oxygen decarburizing machine is the process of producing hydrogen and oxygen through electrochemical decomposition, which is used to produce hydrogen and oxygen, and enters the combustion chamber through the intake manifold of the engine. Hydrogen light density of small volume, strong permeability and catalytic, can permeate to the carbon deposition and focal synthesis, catalytic softening gradually, layer by layer stripping burning, thoroughly remove adhere to the combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust valves, nozzle, spark plug, the carbon deposition on the piston and coke. Oxygen has the help of combustion, which can make the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber fully combustion. In addition, the heat water evaporator generated after combustion will be used to steam the oxygen sensor and the three – element catalyst, improve the sensitivity of the oxygen sensor, and restore the activity of the three – element activator.

After the end of carbon, the original performance of the recovery engine (air burn ratio approaching the new car’s 14.7:1) immediately boosts engine power, and the gas pedal becomes lighter and reduces tail gas pollution. In turn, the fuel combustion is more complete, the fuel consumption of the car is relatively lower, greatly extend the life of the automobile engine.

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