The danger of car carbon deposition


Coke is the engine in the course of work, the fuel unsaturated olefins and glues in the high temperature generated by a coke-like material. It can be accumulated in the various parts of the engine, such as, into the exhaust system; fuel room; It has the oil absorption characteristics, will make the combustion of incomplete gasoline and then variable carbon, layer by layer of accumulation, getting thicker, so vicious cycle.

Coke on the impact of the vehicle is very large, it can reduce the engine power, increase fuel consumption, serious will cause the engine knock, to speed up the abnormal, damage to the piston and crankshaft, and even eventually lead to engine oil needs to overhaul Case. Cigarette is not only harmful to the car, the harm to the environment is also great, it can directly affect the car’s exhaust emissions, resulting in failure to pass the annual inspection. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the problem of carbon deposition, can not be regarded as turning a blind eye.

Our kater research HHO carbon cleanr is a special machine to clean up the car carbon deposition, through the company developed the nano-liquid for the media, poured into the hydrogen and carbon carbon machine, operating the machine to clean the car engine, fuel room; The This oxygen and carbon removal compared with the traditional carbon, not easy to damage the car engine wall, save time.

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