The Early Meeting Of Steven: The Power Of System

The early meeting, also known as “A technical seminar of KingKar“, one of the biggest technical seminar for the staff on each week , has been hold on June 27th.

Targeted at all levels of the staff, Steven share his newest ideas. At first, Steven asked a question: what is system? “Unity!” “ Standard process!” The staff have a warm discussion about this question. Then, Steven introduced his new ideas and new regulations, and the rules will begin at next month.

Steven is the leader of KingKar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd. He is committed to building a elite group which has a good learning atmosphere. “ We must exploit every opportunity to learn new things in case of being eliminated.” Steven said, “ Science is developing, while the world is progressing, the elites in the field of foreign trade are sparing no effort to catch up with the tide of global advanced technology. If we stop to study, we stop to think, we will go out of business!”

At the end of the early meeting, Steven summarized that a person wins not more than a team, however a team wins not more than a system.

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