The harm of carbon deposition

The harm of carbon deposition

  • the top of the piston carbon hazards:

1, the top of the piston carbon deposition, will make the cooling effect worse, the combustion chamber volume becomes smaller, compression ratio increases.

2, the combustion chamber high temperature will make the top of the piston coke surface ignition, and spark plugs on both sides of the ignition, will lead to early combustion or knock, will make the engine idle shiver, power down, shorten the engine life.

  • oxygen sensor carbon formation causes and hazards:

1, the combustion chamber of the fumes will be attached to the oxygen sensor probe, and gradually formed carbon deposition. Too much carbon deposition, the oxygen sensor output signal is not allowed, can not guarantee air-fuel ratio in the best value of 14.7: 1 near.

2, carbon deposition too much oxygen sensor, will cause air-fuel ratio is not accurate. If more than 14.7: 1, there will be refueling weak phenomenon; if less than 14.7: 1, there will be exhaust pipe smoke, fuel consumption and other failures.

  1. Engine idling instability, jitter, oil off

The main reason for this failure phenomenon is the idling motor and idling channel by the carbon pollution. Idling channel carbon pollution, the number of air through the number has been limited, the need for idle motor and throttle constantly adjusted to maintain the normal work of the engine. On the one hand, due to the idling motor and throttle its own carbon pollution to regulate the function has been limited, on the other hand, with the carbon pollution continues to increase, the idle system regulation function will reach the critical value and can not be adjusted to produce Oil off the phenomenon. At this time the ECU will think that the idle motor or throttle has failed. In fact, is the idle system has the sake of carbon deposition.

  1. Power down, poor acceleration

The main manifestation of this failure is the engine to accelerate when the slow response, slow response, the need for full power when driving, feeling power is not abundant, there is no feeling of pleasure. The cause of this failure is mainly due to the following parts of the carbon pollution.

  1. cold start difficult, surge, noise increases, exhaust emissions exceeded
  2. In order to prevent carbon damage to the vehicle in advance, it is recommended that you travel 50, 200 km after the use of hydrogen and carbon carburetor for a carbon removal operation.

What is the combustion chamber carbon deposition?

In the engine combustion chamber, due to lack of oxygen supply, fuel combustion is not complete, resulting in fumes; at the same time, regardless of whether the oxygen supply is sufficient, fleeing into the combustion chamber lubricants can not be completely burned to produce charred oil particles. Mixing a large amount of burning residual lubricants and fumes is oxidized into a colloidal liquid in the engine, which is further oxidized to become a colloid and firmly adhered to the surface of the engine part. Followed by high temperature, the colloid and further polymerization into a more complex polymer, into a hard cement, commonly known as carbon deposition.

In the engine combustion chamber, carbon deposition mainly occurs in the combustion chamber surface and the piston top, piston ring groove, spark plug electrode, valve components, fuel injectors and exhaust pipes and other parts.


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