The import of carbon machine in China

Carbon cleaning machine which manufactures from Kater has always been to ensure that customers receive the goods every detail is zero flaws, a long-term cooperation of the British customer jockey each received the goods are amazed, in the cartel imports of carbon Machine in the UK all the best-selling, the British domestic carbon machine manufacturers repeatedly contact jockey to buy local carbon machine are jockey a rejection.
??British local home feel very puzzled, obviously more recent supply Why do you want to go all the way to the import of carbon machine in China, after several times to inquire that all the customers received the cartel’s goods never appeared in any quality Even if the problem can be dealt with after the customer without complaint. British native home feel very curious, how could there be factory production in addition to the carbon machine without any omissions or any transport damage, in his hardships to inquire about the next, he finally found the factory responsible person, he disguised as a journalist hope Inquire about the secret of the machine’s zero defect.
??He first compliment the boss wise leadership and business side, then concise and concise, the boss modestly said: “We just respect the customer is the principle of God to provide services to customers, in fact, there is no secret, we just want to 100% guarantee The effect and safety of the machine, especially the safety, we must pay attention to every life!
??The boss of the local home to make a look of suspicion, he still did not give his heart to ask: “The boss you are too polite, I think there must be a trick, or how can the factory to maintain such a high quality?
??At this time, the boss exposed a smile, he said lightly: “Only every part of the workers themselves to test their own, for example, without any corrosive nano-liquid, our responsible person every day in the finished product which randomly selected a few bottles To the workers responsible for the product, every day must use their own production of nano-liquid wash ten times … .. “

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