The story of EGR and trucks

Mr. Sasha is one of our USA customer, he with a big truck fleet more than 60 trucks.

In July 2014, he found us and want to more power for his diesel trucks. At first, he ordered 4 pieces for testing, for one truck with one Car Matcher. After install the Car Matcher on his truck and run on the road, he hadn’t got any changes for his truck, without power increasing, the truck almost same as before.

Mr. Sasha angry about it, he said we cheated him. At that time, our chief engineer Mr. Wang contacted with him and mentioned, Car Matcher have effect to the truck, the reason you can’t experience anything is the truck is too heavy, some of them more than 10 tons. You can install two pieces or much more pieces on the truck, you can get the performance change. Mr. Sasha don’t want to waste anytime about it, so he don’t agree about it. Because we will attended Appex fair at the ending of October, so we appointed with him we will visited him and talked about the product.

In 4th, November 2014, our manager Mr. Steven visited Mr. Sasha and tested the product. We installed 2 pieces Car Matcher and 3 pieces Car Matcher on the truck and got good performance. They can feel the accelerator response quicker, more power and smoother than before. Mr. Sasha was happy about the performance, and confirmed a new order with 100 units on the spot.

In March 2016, Mr. Sasha feedback us a interesting news, he found the lifetime of the EGR is longer than before. Before without install Car Matcher, for each year he need replace the old EGR use the new one, and after install Car Matcher, the lifetime of EGR is longer than before, after one year the EGR can work well with the truck. He will update us the further news.

He was very excited about the performance, because the cost of EGR is about USD1200 to USD1500, Car Matcher saving a big amount for him. Finally, he summary to us, after install Car Matcher, the lifetime of EGR will be extended to 2 years or more years.

Because Car Matcher eliminate interference and clutter waves in the circuit, setting a new reasonable timing diagram in the engine module, help the vehicle reach the best work state. It can reduce exhaust emission reach Euro 6 and protect the lifetime of EGR, TWC and some electric appliances.

Mr. Steven visited Mr. Sasha again this year and recommended our new product to him. Mr. Sasha was very enthusiasm and happy to test our new product and do new business about it.

Kingkar group will keep innovation and development always.

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