This is long story about HHO

Water is the source of life, the world everything needs water to continue the moisture, the founder of the KingKar-Steven want to name the nano-carbon clean machine, he spent lots of time for that, but still did not find the better one, at the same time, Steven attend to participate in a public welfare activities, a north of Small village poverty alleviation in China, when he in the way to the small village, he saw a path full of flowers, and then he felt very surprised, because this way he saw the desert almost around of this village, so he asked the local elderly, why only this road covered with flowers in this desert, the old man told him that their mountain village is very lack of water, they need to go far away to fetch water, and this road is the only way that  they can take water, after listening from the old man, Steven thought for a long time, and he decided to help them to development of new water sources in the village, he know it’s very hard but he wants to try his best to help this village, his faith is “Nothing is impossible”. In the meanwhile, suddenly he thought why don’t use water to give their nano-carbon clean machine named? Everything needs water, only water can give all things new life, nano-carbon clean machine can give our cars new life, he is very excited about this idea, He can not wait to share his thoughts to his colleagues, friends, family. Surprisingly, everyone supports his idea, So HHO was born.

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