To reduce car pollution 15

Cars harm is so great, but can completely away from the city residents? Far from it is not realistic, so to learn science and driving a car, to reduce pollution is very necessary. As a result, experts put forward to drivers to reduce car pollution 15 strokes:

Timely find leakage, automotive lubricants and other liquid leakage to air pollution.

Enough gas to tyres, should at least once every two weeks to check the tire inner pressure (cool completely the tyres condition check).

To prevent the leakage of the car air conditioner, a thorough inspections every year for the car air conditioner, prevent leakage of refrigerant.

Check valve, choke with too loose, the engine oil shortage, is very difficult to make the car; Choke packed too tight, the influx of gasoline engine, not fully burning of hydrocarbon pollutants such as emissions from the exhaust pipe to go out, cause air pollution.

To avoid burning oil, if from the exhaust pipes is blue or blue and white smoke, show car burning oil, to air pollution, shall be immediately repair the engine in order to reduce pollution.

Check the air pipes, most often overlooked is the air pipe carburetor and fuel injector, want to often to check these two channels.

Use clean filter, dirty filters make the engine burn more fuel, resulting in the pollution.

The oil change often, running in prophase, the car 5000 km once the oil should be replaced. When the car after normal use, general secondary maintenance oil change.

Don’t cold start to start the car, the engine preheating is finished, don’t start the car, so can reduce air pollution.

Try to reduce the engine idling, the engine idling, inadequate fuel combustion, gas produce more pollution.

Beware that accelerated test shows that the fuel consumed by a rapid acceleration is 1.5 times that of normally and produce too much waste.

Maintain economic driving speed, with the possible conditions, each car has its own the most economical speed, when the automobile oil province, less emission of waste gas.

As far as possible, with the possible conditions, drive at a constant speed, when the car driving at a constant speed, exhaust emissions by less, if the speed is high and low, emit more pollutants.

From perfectly still keep motion state, the car to the motion, need more oil than the slow to fast, so as to avoid stop completely, it is equal to minimize air pollution.

Go faster, when the car come on, a lot of gasoline volatilization can cause air pollution, therefore, come on fast, after a timely to tighten the cap.

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