Want to maintain your car? Then you have to look at this few tactics!

Say easy to maintain the car is difficult to buy, and now people who do not look at their own car as a relative, ah, this maintenance is always. But improper maintenance is likely to have a tremendous toll on the car. Want to love your car? So long to see this few tactics it!

1.Turn on the switch before starting the car

Open the door before starting the car, can not be launched directly. In the electric door open at the same time the vehicle will generally have a self-test, you will see all the instructions to light up together, and so on after the self-test turn off one by one, and so the whole process can be launched. Generally wait for about 3 seconds.

2.Periodically clean engine cabin dust

After the car is in use for a period of time, the engine compartment is generally filled with dust. At this time, the owners need regular cleaning. Otherwise, the normal heat dissipation of the engine will be affected. Severe heat dissipation will lead to oil leakage. However, because the engine compartment is absolutely not washed, so Xiaobian suggested that the car will drive to the repair shop, please use professionals to use high-pressure air gun to clean up.

3.Cold car starting matters needing attention

Cold car started to pay attention to the speed of a minute and a half, so that the car has a warm-up period. Just started, the engine’s internal temperature does not reach the normal operating temperature – water temperature meter refers to 90 degrees as normal. The car will jitter, engine sound, tachometer slightly higher – the normal refers to 600 to 900 rpm. If you start in such a situation prone to engine carbon deposition because the engine in low temperature combustion is not sufficient.

4.After stopping to extend the half-minute flameout

After stopping to extend the half-minute flameout. After stopping the engine is still at a high temperature, immediately stall – the fan will shut down, is not conducive to the engine cooling.

5.Brakes have abnormal sound to check

Abnormal sound when driving in the brake, some car owners are generally not too concerned about. Of course, may be due to brake pads on the hard spot and brake disc friction caused by abnormal sound. This time, the owners step on foot brakes to observe whether the reduction or disappearance of abnormal sound, if slowed down, you can continue to use for some time, but Xiao Bian recommended must promptly go to 4S shop to do checks in order to ensure life safety.

6.Can not wash the car like a bath

Encounter the weather temperature is increased, the dust increases, the body is easy to dirty, the frequency of car wash also began to rise, many car owners also want to wash their car the same as if made thoroughly. But here should be noted that, we must maintain the appearance of car air-conditioning dry, if the car air-conditioning accidentally being wet, it will affect the life of car air-conditioning.

7.Do not rush start when the accelerator

Do not rush start when the accelerator, to a certain speed will shift. The speed of the decision by your model, each car is not the same. Do not start too fast when the accelerator, slowly up to it. In the 2000-2500 shift is more reasonable. In particular, since the car, due to start slower, many people will start hurriedly throttle this approach will only increase the car’s fuel consumption, because the row of cars should also shift at normal speed, the correct is to speed Quickly reach 2000-2500 slightly lift the door when the horsepower after refueling, this car will be able to reasonably enter the next gear.

8.Driving can not drag the file

When driving can not drag stalls, the engine should appear in a timely manner when the shaking shake. Drag stall will cause the engine to withstand excessive pressure, lack of power, incomplete combustion of gasoline, nozzle carbon deposition, affecting the life of the engine.

9.Often the engine carbon removal

Carbon deposition on the engine has some damage, if the serious carbon deposition will increase the temperature of the combustion chamber, causing the spark plug in the ignition at the same time, the combustion chamber of the mixture also detonated itself, two explosion point to a sudden increase in cylinder pressure, damage engine Internal peripheral parts, and cause a similar sound percussion cylinder, which is Knocking (Knocking). HHO carbon removal machine is an effective and easy way to remove carbon.

Say that the car pay attention to “seven maintenance, three repair”, we must pay great attention to the maintenance of the car after we bought the car, so as to reduce the probability of car repair, after all, cars are like people, could not stand “surgery” Well !

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