What will happen to the car if you forget to turn off the engine ?

Nowadays it’s very convenient to start your car as long as you have the keys in the pocket, because many cars are equipped with a keyless start system. And automobile sound insulation is also remarkable ,so sometimes you are hard to find the engine is running or not  when idling  unless you pay special attention on the tachometer.

A phenomenon that causes to lots of people will forget to turn off the car when they get off,  so the car will idle for whole day or even longer. It seems like that nothing hurts to the car, but what’s the truth?


What will lead to if idle for a long time? 


Obviously, we all know the engine carbon deposits. The car is in a state of rich fuel injection at idle, that is to say, when the vehicle is idling and the valve is opened very little, the fuel injector will spray a high concentration of oil to keep the engine running. Therefore, idling is more easily lead to carbon deposition than the car is running or running high-speed. Longer idle time, more carbon deposition.

Furthermore, the engine carbon deposits will have great impact to the automobile engine  performance. Such as : economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase, short of power, fast acceleration not free, start not smooth, especially in cold start, excessive exhaust emission, noise increase, the engine oil turns black fast or even slightly burned.



Electronic systems may be affected

Idling for a long time have the most influence on the car’s electronic system. Nowadays cars have a lot of electronic systems for entertainment and on-board services. These electronic systems consume a lot of electricity. All these electronic systems are in normal working condition when the car is running normally.

In the case of car is still running without anyone , those electronic systems will into the standby state when they have not received operation signal for a long time automatically. At this time, the screen is still lit, but the CPU and other components will enter hibernation mode. This is actually an abnormal mode of operation, so after you re-enter your car, you may find that some of the instruments or electronics have failed. Black screen or crash, or even display garbled. The reason is that after these systems have been dormant for a long period of time, software problems may occur during wake-up, causing problems.

Luckily, this phenomenon is generally well resolved. Turn off the power, wait for a few minutes before restart. Those systems can all back to normal. But we can’t rule out some special problem, it’s no use even if you restart your car. 4S shop is your only choice at this situation.


How to avoid forgetting  turn off the engine?


The most direct method is to check the tachometer before getting off the car and to see if the engine is still running. But some models tachometer is really anti-human, it’s very difficult to observe, or there is no tachometer. For these cars, in fact, the most convenient way is to look at the dashboard before leaving. After the flameout, all dashboard lights (including the central control display and others) will be completely extinguished. The dashboard is a big goal so it is easy to identify. Even if you in a hurry, just take a look at the dashboard then you will know that the engine has been turned off or not.


And if you already cause the engine carbon depositions, HHO 6.0 is a good choice to help you remove the carbon and clean the engine.


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