Why car care shop will force the owner use original machine oil?

Why car care shop will force the owner use original machine oil?

The main role of oil is lubrication, to ensure that the engine running the smallest wear. And the use of a period of time, due to mechanical wear down some of the dirty things, and oil oxidation of their own deterioration, oil lubrication will decline, so you need to regularly replace the oil, to maintain the best oil state, reduce wear. There are good and bad quality of oil, the protection of the car is also different, in the selection of oil, let us tangled is often the original oil and brand oil choice.

What is the difference between the two? In theory, the same brand, the same model, the same level of the original oil and brand oil difference is very small, or no difference. So where did the original oil come from? The major car manufacturers do not produce their own oil, oil from the oil brand manufacturers, but the oil through the car manufacturers certification, OEM production, marked the car brand logo, a car factory for a special oil, or a special model Oil. And then distributed to the 4S shop, as maintenance designated oil, commonly known as the original oil.

So the original oil will not be better than the same brand of oil quality, because it is the same oil manufacturers technology, and car manufacturers in the selection of oil, taking into account the price of after-sales maintenance, and will not use the most high-end oil. They choose to be able to meet their own requirements of the lubrication standards to meet the normal use of the car to ensure the normal design of the service life can be.

Why car care shop will let us use the original oil, and can not bring their own oil? First of all from the maintenance of their own consideration, the original oil to ensure that the vehicle lubrication conditions and service life, after all, have been repeatedly tested by the manufacturers. If the oil comes with the car does not match, or fake oil, will shorten the engine life or failure in advance, will reduce the brand quality and reliability, resulting in a bad reputation, and may also be related to the warranty period claims The Followed by the economic interests of the relationship between manufacturers to make money, car care shop also have to make money, to maintain the car to change the oil, so the amount of oil is very large, high profits The original price of oil is not low, because the “original” word, can greatly increase the trust of owners, improve the premium capacity. So car care shop will make use of the original oil.

However, the original oil is indeed more suitable for this model, at least the quality of oil is guaranteed. If a normal home car, nor violent driving, traffic is also good, the frequency is not high, there is no reliable maintenance plant. Then car care shop maintenance, the use of the original oil is undoubtedly a good choice, the only drawback is the price is too high.

If the car out of the warranty period, not car care shop maintenance, then how to choose the oil it? Look at what you use the original machine oil model, what level, their election time, grade and viscosity of the same can be the same. As for the choice of mineral oil and synthetic oil? If the original use of mineral oil, then you can use mineral oil, you can also use the synthesis of the full synthesis of the protective effect and durability to be better, high temperature and low temperature stability and performance is also better, but expensive The If the original is full of synthesis, then they can only use the full synthesis of the. Viscosity grade to choose the same, or up to a higher level. For example, the original factory is 5W-30, up to 5W-40.

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